Leon Character In Free Fire OB30 Update: All You Need To Know

Leon character OB30 update Free Fire
New Leon character in Free Fire.

Leon Character In Free Fire OB30 Update: All You Need To Know: The upcoming OB30 update is about to appear in Free Fire and the new update will bring many new features concluding an all new Leon Character.

Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details regarding the new character and the forthcoming update.

The OB29 update is already live currently in Free Fire and the players are even enjoying it. Moreover, the players are also gearing up and getting excited about the next OB30 update.

The advance server of the OB30 update has already been finished and closed previously. And, there were a couple of new items and features witnessed in the test server, through which we can expect some of the additions to get confirmed in the upcoming update.

Subsequently, the OB30 update will feature various new characters, pets, weapons, events, and more features. A brand new character naming Leon will be also launching in Free Fire with the new update.

Meanwhile, the Free Fire Max release date has also been announced by the officials, click on the link for the details!

Here are the Details about the Leon Character in Free Fire:

The brand new character naming Leon that is going to feature in Free Fire is a basketball star and displaying the character of the popular American basketball player – LeBron.

The new character has a special ability called Buzzer Beater. This ability helps the players to regenerate the health of the players as soon as they disentangle themselves from combat.

And, the Buzzer beater is somewhere relevant to the collab between the basketball star as buzzer beater is a term in Basketball.

Moreover, buzzer beater is a passive ability that helps the players to recover 3 points after a fight. And, also the recovery rate keeps changing when the character keeps upgrading in the following manner.

  • Level-1: Recovers 5 HP
  • Level-2: Recovers 10 HP
  • Level-3: Recovers 15 HP
  • Level-4: Recovers 20 HP
  • Level-5: Restores 25 HP
  • Level-6: Restores 30 HP

In conclusion, the buzzer beater ability and the Leon character primarily feature a defensive approach in the game.

That’s all about the Leon character in Free Fire in the OB30 update!

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