When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back?

Know details about the comeback of Fortnite mobile on iOS.

When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back
Apple banned Fortnite in 2020

When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back: It’s been more than a year since Apple removed one of the most famous battle-royale games Fortnite from the app store. The reason behind this was the payment method Epic was using for Fortnite purchases. Later on, the case went to court after Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple. So, what is the outcome after one year and when will Fortnite relaunch on iOS.

Fortnite Mobile Coming Back on App Store?

When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back relaunch iOS
Know about the Apple-Fortnite dispute

Apple removed Fortnite on August 13, 2020. Furthermore, the reason was the use of third-party software used for payment. Apple claimed that this violates the terms and conditions of Apple. As a result, Epic filed a lawsuit stating that Apple is a non-competitive place.

After one year of long legal battle, it was decided that Epic games overreached Apple and it sided on all accounts with Apple. This means Apple is not an antitrust organization for mobile gaming. The results came in the favour of Apple, except for one thing.

The court has told Apple to allow direct purchases in-game. This means Fortnite will be coming back on iOS soon, right? The case is not a win for Epic games, but an overall win for the developers. Moreover, the direct purchase means developers will be making more money from the purchases and transactions.

So, the question still exists that When will Fortnite Mobile be coming back?

Fortnite Relaunch on iOS?

According to the court, Epic games will pay 30% of $12+ million in damages to Apple. This comes out to be a super loss for the company. Moreover, the gaming developers now have the right to use their own payment methods in App Store applications.

Later on, Fortnite asked Apple to restore its developer account. The tech giant company denied and said they will have to accept the rules with is made for all.

The CEO and founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney denied a solution that was offered by a Twitter page which seemed to be good. Sweeney said Fortnite will return on iOS soon once Epic games will offer a good payment method option to Apple.

Looking at all these situations, the conditions are not suitable to say that Fortnite will be coming back to iOS soon. Moreover, it will be a tough task for developers to meet all the conditions and come with a good output.

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