Skyesports Championship 3.0 Finals Day 6: Overall Stats And Points Table

Skyesports Championship 3.0 Finals
Know match report and results here

Skyesports Championship 3.0 Finals: After the thrilling day 5, yesterday was day 6 of the grand finals. The leaderboard has been changed a lot after yesterday’s play. To know more about it, follow up this article till the end.

Skyesports Championship 3.0 Finals Day 6: Match Report And Results

Match 1 Erangel: Team Soul On Fire

The first match was played by Erangel. Team Soul absolutely dominated the first match. Team Soul won a winner winner chicken dinner with 21 finishes to their name. 7Sea Esports made it to second place with only 3 finishes. GodLike ended up in the third position with 9 finishes.

Match 2 Miramar: Revenant Gets A Chicken Dinner

Revenant Gets A Chicken Dinner

Match 2 was within the desert of Miramar. Revenant Esports played brilliantly to get a winner winner chicken dinner. They secured a chicken dinner with a total of 7 finishes. It helped Revenant a lot to climb up the leaderboard. They came in the third position and n the leaderboard after this chicken dinner.

Match 3 Erangel: GodL Gets Most Awaited Chicken Dinner

The third match was played in Erangel again. However, Team GodLike took a winner winner chicken dinner with 9 frags to their name. So, this match helped them climb the leaderboard. After this match, they were in the second position.

Match 4 Sanhok: PV x IND’s Perfect Rotation Gets Them A Chicken Dinner

The fourth match was played on the grasses of Sanhok. PV x IND made spectacular rotations and won a winner winner chicken dinner with 6 finishes. It was an amazing match. Although, Kratos proves once again that he is one of the best IGLs.

Match 5 Miramar: Aztec’s Gets Their First Chicken Dinner

Aztec has no chicken dinner in the finals of the Skyesports Championship. Finally, their hunger for chicken dinner is over. However, they secured a chicken dinner in the 5th match of Day 6. They secure winner winner chicken dinner with 4 finishes to their name.

Match 6 Erangel: PV x IND Gets Another Chicken Dinner

The final match of Day 6 was in Erangel. So, PV x IND secure another chicken dinner with 7 finishes in total. Furthermore, Skylightz Gaming also shows a very well performance. They finished second in this match with 14 frags in total. Esports Empire came on the third position with 10 finishes.

Points Table

Skyesports BGMI 3.0 finals points table
Top 9 teams after Day 6
Skyesports BGMI 3.0 finals points table
Team Soul moved to 11th after adding one more chicken in their bucket

Top Fraggers After Day 6

  • Akshat (8Bit): 60 finishes
  • Jonathan (GodL): 59 finishes
  • Aladin (7Sea Esports): 56 finishes
  • AK (Aztec Esports): 49 finishes
  • Sarang (7Sea Esports): 48 finishes

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