Where and How to Destroy the Alien Eggs in Fortnite

Destroying Alien Eggs in Fortnite is a mission. Learn how to do it!

Destroy Alien Eggs in Fortnite
Destroy Alien Eggs in Fortnite

Destroy the Alien Eggs in Fortnite: Week 14 test

Not just have the Fortnite outsider intruders annihilated named areas on the island, however, they have even changed the fauna with the assistance of outsider parasites. Presently, while these animals don’t actually influence players, the equivalent can’t be said for Fortnite’s untamed life – and Bunker Jonesy needs something done with regards to it.

The Assistance Needed to “Obliterate Alien Eggs”

Week 14 Epic test: Bunker Jonesy needs assistance to Destroy the Alien Eggs in Fortnite.

Dugout Jonesy partook in a calm life before the outsiders showed up, and notwithstanding their appearance, things didn’t change much for him.

This was the last bit of excess that will be tolerated for Bunker Jonesy, and he’s keeping watch for players willing to do some outsider egg hunting. Albeit the assignment is a bit risky, the people who figure out how to finish it will be all around remunerated with 30,000 experience focuses.

Location of Eggs in Fortnite
Location of Eggs in Fortnite

Instructions to  “Obliterate Alien Eggs”

Fortnite Week 14 Epic test: To finish this Fortnite challenge, players should discover and obliterate an aggregate of three outsider eggs situated on the island. Players should take note that the outsider eggs will blast open in the event. They get excessively close and will produce an outsider parasite.

Given the outsiders have been on the island for some time, there is no lack of outsider eggs for players to annihilate. There are more than 50 production areas in complete spread across the guide. Here are their areas, close by the sum that can be found at everyone:

  • Holly Hatchery
  • Southern edge of Lazy Lake
  • West of Retail Row
  • Southwest of Pleasant Park
  • Hydro 16
  • Southwest edge of Weeping Woods
  • The Durr Burger
  • Rough Cliffs
  • West of The Orchard
  • Minimized Cars
  • Western edge of The Aftermath

The players need to annihilate a sum of three to finish the test. The best areas to obliterate Fortnite outsider eggs will be at Hydro 16, The Durr Burger, and Weeping Woods. Jagged Cliffs is additionally a decent choice. Yet, Zyg and Choppy will start shooting at players who annihilate outsider eggs in the area.

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