COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date, Leaks And Details

Head on to this article to perceive the details regarding the COD Mobile season 8 release date and more leaks.

COD Mobile season 8 release date and leaks
COD Mobile season 8 release date

COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date, Leaks And Details: The season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile is already live and players are apparently enjoying and accomplishing in the new season. Meanwhile, besides conquering season 7, the players are gearing up and excited to know the next CODM season 8 Release Date and features.

Therefore, head on to this article for the details regarding the details of the upcoming season in CODM.

Call of Duty Mobile offers numerous features and is also one of the top grossing games around the globe. Also, Call of Duty Mobile is acquired by many players and players keep enjoying it.

Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile often keeps making additions and updates to the game periodically to maintain the engagement with the players towards the game.

As a result, the season 7 Elite of the Elite had released recently and is already live. And, the players are enjoying and taking up various challenges and new features added in the new season.

Meanwhile, along with season 7, the players are gearing up for the next season. The next season is going to be Season 8 and unlike every season, season 8 has also expected to feature various additions.

Here are the Details Regarding the COD Mobile Season 8 Release date and Leaks:

No official announcement has been issued by the officials regarding the release date yet. But, the COD Mobile Season 7 is expected to end by the end of October. And, accordingly, we can expect the season 8 release date by end of October 2021.

Moreover, as every season brings a variety of new features in Call of Duty Mobile. Season 8 will also offer many new additions simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the leaks suggest that a brand new Hovec Sawmill map, Refurbished Crash map, overflow map will add in the new season. Also, a brand new Flash Drone lethal, new BR map, new BR class will feature in the new season.

Apart from these, several more new additions and features will also take place in the upcoming season of COD Mobile.

Moreover, the new season will even offer numerous events and rewards. And, will also feature an exceptional theme on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the game.

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