How To Get Free Premium Crate In BGMI: New Working Trick

Free Premium Crate In BGMI
Rewards in Premium Crate

Free Premium Crate In BGMI: Premium Crates give some of the best rewards. It is quite costly to buy it. Using this trick, you can get a free premium crate in BGMI. Here’s the new working trick to get a free premium crate including the Treasure beast event. To know how to get it, read this article till end.

What Is Premium Crate?

Premium Crate

There are many crates in BGMI through which you can get, mythic and legendary items. The premium crate is most popular among all crates because when you open ten premium crates together, you get a confirmed legendary item. It costs a very high amount of UC to open ten premium crates. So, players prefer to collect ten premium crates.

Steps To Get A Free Premium Crate Coupon

Here are the steps to get a free premium crate in BGMI.
Step-1: Open BGMI and login into your account.
Step-2: Now, on the top right, you can see Events.
Step-3: Go to Events and select Beast Treasure.
Step-4: In Beast Treasure, click on the bottom right corner.
Step-5: On the bottom right corner, you will be able to see boxes.
Step-6: Click on boxes and wait for a few seconds.
Step-7: After a few seconds, a Premium Crate coupon will be rewarded to you.
Using this trick, you will get a free premium crate in BGMI.

Note: You will be able to avail of this offer only once. You can avail of this offer till 17th September only.

What is Treasure Beast in BGMI? 

Treasure Beast
Treasure Beast Event in BGMI

Treasure Beast is a new lucky draw-spin released by BGMI. The spin was released on the 27th of August 2021 and will end on the 17th of September 2021. There are many cool legendary items in this spin.

Rewards in this spin are :

  • Quack Agent Cover
  • Quack Agent Set
  • Battle Chicken Cover
  • Quack Agent UAZ
  • Agent Helmet
  • Quack Agent Backpack
  • Agent Thompson

In Beast Treasure, there are two draws. The rewards in other draws are :

  • Antelope Scout Set
  • Antelope Scout Cover
  • Orange Zebra Cover
  • Orange Zebra Set
  • Racing Animal Set
  • Racing Animal Cover
  • Maleficent Rabbit Cover
  • Maleficent Rabbit Set

Out of these two draws, you can select whichever you want to. It will not be free of cost. You can spin it using UC.

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