BGMI India Ki After Party: Complete Stats of Day 1

BGMI India Ki After Party
BGMI After Party

BGMI After Party- BGMI along with Loco and Upthrust Esports organized a tournament that included fun sessions with content creators, TDM Battles, and T1 scrims like matches. The whole event was broadcasted on Loco. Loco is a streaming platform in India. The app was made in India and now many popular creators like Mavi, Jonathan, Scout, K18, Mamba, Viper, Regaltos, and many more stream regularly on Loco.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the event BGMI After Party. Read this article till the end to know the complete stats and leaderboard after three T1 matches.

Global Esports Steals Chicken Dinner in  Match 1: Erangel

The first match started off with Erangel. The match started off greatly. It was quite a bit intense in the end. In the end, Global Esports(GE) secured a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. They secured a total of 5 finishes in the whole match.

Team IND secured second place in the match missing the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by a short margin. However, Team IND being Team IND, secured total of 9 finishes in the match.

Team XO secured the third position in the match. They got 4 finishes by the end of the match.

Skylightz Gaming Gets A Chicken Dinner in Match 2 – Miramar

The second match was played in the desert of Miramar. It was a very intense match in the end. In the final zone, Skylightz Gaming along with Team XO was alive. Skylightz Gaming played brilliantly and killed Team XO to win the Winner of Chicken Dinner.

Team XO tried very hard but could not make it to a chicken dinner. They missed it by a small margin. They secured a total of 8 finishes in the second match. Although they lost the match, they climbed to the top of the leaderboard.

Team XO Finally Gets A Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in Match 3 – Sanhok

The final match of the day was played in the woods of Sanhok. It was a golden match for Team XO. They secured Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with 11 finishes. Moreover, team XO maintained their first spot on the leaderboard after the third match too.

Whereas, Team IND came second in the match. Their consistency helped them come third on the leaderboard after the third match.

Global Esports ended up coming third in the third match. After the last match, they were second on the leaderboard.

Overall Stats Of BGMI After Party Day 1 

BGMI After Party
Point Table of BGMI After Party

Global Esports, Skylightz Gaming, and Team XO earned chicken dinners. After all three matches, Team XO is topping the leaderboard of BGMI After Party Day 1 followed by Global Esports. Team IND is currently in the third spot on the leaderboard.

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