COD Mobile Announces its Collaboration With Ozuna : Check Details

COD Mobile had recently announced its collaboration with Ozuna. Read further to perceive the complete details regarding the collab.

Ozuna COD Mobile
COD Mobile collaborates with Ozuna

COD Mobile had certainly announced its collaboration with a popular Puerto Rican Singer naming Ozuna. The collaboration will result in various changes and additions to COD Mobile. Follow up on this article to know how the Ozuna and CODM collaboration will take place.

Call of Duty Mobile is already one of the most popular games and many players enjoy playing it. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile keeps making additions and maintains adding new features to the game periodically through regular updates and seasons.

As a result, after receiving immense support from the players, season 6 of COD Mobile is about to come to end. And, the all new Season 7 of COD Mobile will be live apparently.

The upcoming season naming COD Mobile Season 7: The Elite of the Elite will be launching very soon. And, like every season update, season 7 will also feature various additions in terms of maps, characters, weapons, and various theme events.

Apart from these, CODM has recently announced its collaboration with a famous singer naming Ozuna. This collaboration will result in adding many new skins and features.

Here are the Details Regarding Ozuna Collaboration With COD Mobile:

The collaboration of COD Mobile with Ozuna will feature many new Ozuna skin in the upcoming season of COD Mobile. Ozuna is a popular award winning Puerto Rican Singer and he has also composed a new song naming A La Buena, El Mejor to start off the new season.

The in-game collaboration will go live with the launch of the all new Season 7 on 25th August. And, the game will also feature brand new Ozuna skin, character, calling cards, avatars, and more items in CODM.

Also, Ozuna will be live streaming season 7 of COD Mobile with some special guests on his official channel.

Moreover, season 7 will also feature the addition of two new maps naming Scrapyard and Monastery. Also, two new weapons naming Hades LMG and Crossbow will be seen in the upcoming season.

Apart from these, various other additions will also take place in the COD Mobile season 7. Meanwhile, the COD Mobile season 7 will be releasing on 25 August 5 PM PT.

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