Error in Fortnite: Unable To Verify Receipt Box Xbox Live

Recently, most of the Xbox users reported an error in thegame. Here are all the details on how to fix it.

Unable To Verify Receipt Box
An error in Fortnite

Unable To Verify Receipt Box Xbox Fortnite: Epic’s Fortnite is one of the most played battle royale games across the platform. Moreover, the game is available on almost all platforms including the Microsoft Xbox. Recently, the Xbox users filed a complaint that there are errors in-game that say Xbox live purchase check failure.

So, here are all the details about how to fix this error in the game and play the game.

Why the Error: Unable To Verify Receipt Box Xbox Live in Fortnite

Xbox live purchase check failure
Fortnite for Xbox

The game is available on Xbox and there is a lot of user base on the platform. Furthermore, in the recent few days, Xbox users are having trouble playing Fortnite on their consoles. Moreover, when they login into the game and try to play it an error occurs which says Xbox live purchase check failure.

However, the error is related to any purchases being made in the game. So, whenever a player buys something in the game, they can download the receipt box of the transactions. But the error unable To verify Receipt Box occurs even if you haven’t made any recent purchase in the game.

The error is now getting occurred frequent times in the game and players are facing a lot of trouble logging in. Moreover, it doesn’t;t allows the Xbox users to play the game and they end up rebooting the game multiple times. So, how to fix this error?

How to Fix The Error

The error occurred before and it is not a new one. Moreover, in 2017 when the game was new there were several users who complain about it. In a tweet, the official handle of Fortnite asked that are getting a “Purchase Check Failure” error which is similar to this new one Unable To Verify Receipt Box in Xbox.

One of the basic methods suggested by developers is to clean the cache of your console. Furthermore, if you haven’t cleaned it up for more than 1 month then it might be possible that this error will occur while playing Fortnite.

Also, if this doesn’t works then try to reboot your console. You can also wait for 10-15 minutes as there might be some issues with Fortnite servers. Moreover, the issue is generally fixed after rebooting and clearing the cache. If this doesn’t fix the error of Unable To Verify Receipt Box then try to contact to support Fortnite support page for Xbox by following the link below.

Support Link 

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