PUBG Mobile And Free Fire Ban In Bangladesh!

pubg and free fire ban in bangladesh

PUBG and Free Fire Ban in Bangladesh: PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are some of the most popular games across the world. Both the games have got millions of downloads. Both the popular games PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are banned in Bangladesh. To know why this step is taken and to what period the game will be banned, read the article till the end.

Why are PUBG Mobile and Free Fire Ban in Bangladesh?

The craze of both the games had gone next level in the country. The people were playing it way too much. The people of the country got addicted to both of these games. PUBG Mobile and Free Fire received a ban as they were affecting kids and teenagers.

Main Reason for the Ban:

They got addicted to both of these games and shifted their focus from studies to games. The High Court of Bangladesh passed the order to ban Pubg Mobile and Free Fire as these games were affecting children and teenagers.

The petition also said that the youth is getting violent and doing inappropriate activities. Due to such reasons, popular games like Pubg, Free Fire are currently facing a ban.

Till What Period Will the Ban be in PUBG and Free Fire in Bangladesh?

pubg ban in bangladesh

Earlier in October 2019, PUBG Mobile had received a ban from Bangladesh Government. At that time, the ban was lifted in just a few hours. But this time it won’t be lifted in few hours. This time, both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have been banned in Bangladesh Government for 3 months. The ban will not be lifted before it.

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Other Countries that also Banned PUBGM:

There are many other countries who had banned PUBG Mobile back in 2020. The countries were Jordan and Iraq. These two countries banned the game for a violent reason. Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan also banned the game due back in 2020.

In Bangladesh, it was a huge surprise as the official tournament organized by Tencent ended just one day before the ban. PUBG Mobile National Championship ( PMNC ) ended just a day before the ban. Team Venom Legends won PMNC. The companies of games like Garena and Tencent frequently organized tournaments for Bangladesh and suddenly, the game had banned.

Hope the government of Bangladesh lifts the ban soon. Till that players can try different games like Call Of Duty Mobile, Valorant, etc.

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