Best Fennec Loadout and Attachments In Call Of Duty Mobile

Fennec is a gun that comes under the SMG category in Call of Duty Mobile. Here are all the details including the best loadout for you

Best Fennec Loadout and Attachments
Fennec gun in COD Mobile

Best Fennec Loadout and Attachments: Fennec has been one of the best SMG guns in the history of Call Of Duty Mobile. The perfect attachments and loadout is required to enhance its performance. To know more, read this article till the end to get the best loadout of Fennec.

Why Fennec Is the Best SMG in Call Of Duty Mobile?

Fennec Loadout and Attachments  call of duty
Call of Duty Mobile has several guns in the SMG category

Fennec is the best SMG in Call Of Duty Mobile for many reasons. Moreover, the gun has been a close-range beast that can take an enemy down in very few bullets. The accuracy, damage, fire rate is supremely well.

The gun is highly used in multiplayer modes like Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Domination, etc. It is also used in Battle Royale mode but it is quite rare to find it. Usually, players prefer spray guns along with snipers in battle royales.

In comparison to other SMGs like QQ9, QXR, Fennec is overpowered. The only problem of Fennec is its recoil and mag capacity. Additionally, Fennec has very high recoil which makes it difficult for players to use it for long-range. Also, its low ammunition count makes it compulsory for players to hit accurately as they will have to reload their mags

Best Loadout And Attachments For Fennec

Best Attachments For Fennec:

The attachments given below for Fennec are some of the best. Also, you can use it and have a splendid experience.
Muzzle – Tactical Suppressor
Stock – YKM Combat Stock
Perk – Akimbo
Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip
Ammunition – Extended Mag A

These are the ideal attachments for Fennec that can be considered as one of the best if used with the right loadout. Furthermore, using Akimbo with Extended Mag A, the ammunition will be doubled from 35 to 70 ammo per mag. Furthermore, the reload time will also increase but it will be a very powerful attachment.

Best Secondary Weapon And Its Attachments

Loadout and Attachments
Know which muzzle is best

When it comes to a secondary weapon, no gun can beat a .50 GS pistol. Moreover, the gun has awesome damage and fire rate as well. Here’s the complete list of its attachments.

Muzzle – MIP Light Flash Guard
Perk – Akimbo
Ammunition – Extended Mag A

Using Akimbo, there will be 2.50 GS in hands of players. It will double the power, damage, mag, etc.

Best Perks In Loadout:

Red Perk – Tactician
Green Perk – Vulture
Blue Perk – Sharpen

Best Throwables:

Thermite and Trophy System

Best Operator Skill:

So, these were all the information regarding the best loadout and attachments you can use in Fennec in the Call of Duty.

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