Hide And Seek Fortnite Code: 5 Best Prop Hunt Maps

What are the best Fortnite Map codes for playing Hide and Seek in Fortnite? We have made our list from the most recent maps and ranked them accordingly. Make sure to check all of them out here.

best fortnite hide and seek map code

Hide and Seek Fortnite code:ย Here is a list of the best Creative maps (and their codes) in Fortnite where you can play Hide and seek in Fortnite. We will tell you the best Prop Hunt Maps that you can find right now in Fortnite. So, just enter the Hide and Seek map code and have fun playing with your friends in Fortnite!

What is a Hide and Seek Map in Fortnite and What is Their Code?

Hide and Seek maps are usually made for playing against your friends. You can have fun with 5 of your friends and play hide and seek with them. Prop Hunt is a bit different than this. The players will become props to avoid the hunters. Meanwhile, the hunters will have to spot each one of them to complete the game.

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Note:ย These are from the recent releases of the Creative Maps in Fortnite from August 2021. If you haven’t tried them out yet make sure to do it now!

Best of 5 Hide and Seekย Fortnite Map (With their Code):

Here are the Best Hide and Seek and Prop Hunt Maps that we think you should definitely check out:

Hide and Seek: Island Lost 4 World

Best Fortnite hide and seek map code

The most creative and eye-catching maps of all time. You can find lava, water, spring, and a variety of different nature around you. All this with the classic Hide and Seek that you’ll be able to play with your friends. The best place to play seek with the plethora of colors to confuse the hunter.

Furthermore, Skychou_YT made this creative map for which the code is: 8176-5585-5934.

Modern House Hide-and-Seek:

With up to 34 different hiding spots this map is really going to be a lot of fun. The hiders will get a minute and 30 seconds to hide. Even so, there are more than enough spots to hide. You can play this map with 2-11 players at the same time.

Chubstheog created this Fortnite Creative map for Hide and Seek. The map code for it is: 4495-3258-5993.

Moonbase Omega: Find the Aliens

Although this is not for players to play against each other it is still a hide and seek game. All you have to do is find the aliens that have escaped the Stasis Chambers and trying to get out of the Moonbase Omega.

The Fortnite Creative Map Code for this Hide and Seek map is: 5231-4635-5878

This time the Alien Theme for Season 7 is also bringing Street Fighters in Fortnite with it.

DF’s Modern House Prop Hunt (Fortnite Map code):

df's modern house map code

In this Creative Map, you’ll have to survive as a prop for 10 minutes and if you manage to do it you are a winner. However, the same goes for the hunter, as they’ll have to hunt all of the players down before the timer ticks off. The teams will rotate after each round and soon you will become the hunter as well.

You can play Hide and Seek on this map really well and the map code for it is: 8982-2214-8571.

GTA 5 Penthouse Prop Hunt:

Here you’ll have random teams with a seeker and 15 hiders. You have to hide in between a penthouse that is themed from the GTA 5 game. However, what makes it interesting is the theme of GTA-5, with a combination of Fortnite. Just mesmerizing. The code for this Prop hunt Creative Map is 2933-7089-3015.

This is all for the Fortnite Hide and Seek Map codes in Fortnite. Make sure to keep following us for more quality content, latest news, skins, quests and a lot more in Fortnite. Until next time.

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