Valorant Night Market: Dates, Details, Guns Skins, Discounts, How To Buy, Etc

Here are all the details about Valorant Night Market including the discount price and gun skins.

Valorant Night Market
How to buy gun skins via Night Market?

Valorant Night Market: Riot’s Valorant is one of the best tactical shootout games as of now. Moreover, streamers and players love to play the game and the game has become one of the primary games for most players.

Riot introduced a lot of skins in the game already and players love to buy them. However, there is a term called night market in Valorant where skins are available. So, here are all the details about the market and how players can buy a skin from it.

What is Valorant Night Market: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Night Market
The market offers skins with huge discounts

The skins in the game can be purchased by spending Valorant points. Furthermore, most of the skins cost around Rs.2,000, and not all the players afford the price. Also, there are several players in the game, who don’t buy any kinds of skins as all of them are a little too costly. So, Valorant offers skins to the players at a heavy discount in the night market.

The discount percentage and gun skins are randomly given by the Valorant. So, here are details about the market including the details and discounts.

How Does It Work And What Are Starting Dates?

The night market often occurs during the end of the Act. Moreover, before the 6-10 days of an Act end date, the game randomly drops an icon on top of the bar which takes you to the market. There a total of six guns or melee skins will appear.

The night market is going to start from 28th July and will end on 10th August.

All of these skins appear with a discount price on them. Furthermore, the discount is given so that players can buy it and add some gun skin into their collections.

Players can buy all those six skins if they want. In order to buy these skins, players need to spend the Valorant points which is the in-game currency of Valorant. Also, all the skins will be valid for only a limited time and players need to buy them before it ends.

Valorant Night Market Discounts And How To Buy 

Valorant Points
Flip To see discounts on skins

All the guns have different numbers of percentages to their discounts. There are up to 60-70% discounts on one gun skin. Similarly, there are also few which have only 10-20% discount. To buy the skins follow these steps:

Step-1: Open Valorant home page

Step-2: Tap on the rectangular bar present on the top right of the screen.

Step-3: Tap on the Gun skins you want to buy

Step-4: Make sure you have added the Valorant points before making the purchase.

So, by following these simple steps players can add a gun skin into their Valorant collection via the night market.

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