How to Get New Dimitri Character in Free Fire Latest Update

The brand new character is about to launch soon in Free Fire with the new ob 29 4th anniversary update of the game. Further, head on to this article for the complete details.

Free Fire ob 29 4th anniversary update
Free Fire ob 29 4th anniversary update

How to Get New Dimitri Character in Free Fire Latest Update: The ob 29 4th anniversary update of free fire is about to launch and it will feature the addition of two brand new characters naming Dimitri and Thiva. Therefore, follow up on this article for the details and measures to get the Dimitri character in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is already one of the most famous games achieved by millions of players around the world. Moreover, Free Fire keeps making numerous additions to the game at a regular period. Also, Free Fire keeps adding new events, features, and characters concluding regular updates in the game periodically.

As a result, the ob 29 update that is also the fourth anniversary update of Garena Free Fire offers a couple of new features that will be added to the game with the launch of the update. Meanwhile, the new update will also conclude the additions of two brand new characters called Dimitri and Thava. 

Here are the Details about the new Dimitri Character and How Players Can Get It in Free Fire:

New Dimitri character Free Fire
New Dimitri Character in Free Fire

The brand new character naming Dimitri will add to the game along with an exclusive top-up event on 12th August. The specific event will start after the ongoing Destiny Guardian top up event ends on 11th August.

Moreover, to obtain the new charming character, players need to top up a number of diamonds by purchasing them. However, the specific number of diamonds required for obtaining this character is yet to reveal.

Furthermore, the new Dimitri character evolves as another exceptional character in the free fire. Its ability is Healing Heartbeat that allows to the creation of a 3.5m radius healing zone around it.

Players will be able to heal themselves upon holding inside this circular zone and will releive 3HP per second. Meanwhile, this ability lasts upon 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 85 seconds at the primary level. Whereas, at the maximum level the ability lasts for 15 seconds and cooldown at 60 seconds. 

Meanwhile, players can top up diamonds to purchase the new character in Free Fire.

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