GXR Roxx: Achievements, Teams, Career

Here are all the details about Galaxy Racers IGL and support player Roxx. He won several trophies playing for the team.

GXR Roxx
Roxx wearing his Celtz Jersey

GXR Roxx is one of the most successful IGL in PUBG Mobile history. Moreover, Roxx represented India several times on international stages playing for GXR and Celtz, and won the first season of PMPL. He is considered one of the players who came into the professional scene as an underdog and won some prestigious trophies. Currently, he is a part of Galaxy Racers and uses the prefix GRX in the game.

Everything You Need To Know About GXR Roxx

Galaxy Racers Roxx
Celtz won PMPL Season 1

Yogesh ‘GXR Roxx’ Yadav is a 19-year old professional player who plays for Galaxy Racers. Roxx is from U.P and later shifted to Delhi for his higher studies. Furthermore, he started playing the game there and later entered the competitive scene.

Roxx plays for Galaxy Racers as an IGL and support player for the team. Furthermore, he won the PMPL finals season 1. He qualified for the PMPL League with team Celtz and later won the final. However, it was an unexpected victory for Celtz as they were underdogs and finished 13th in the PMPL League.

Later on, in an interview, Roxx said that consistency is the main thing for underdogs to achieve victory. He said ‘ We’ve always suggested the underdogs to work hard and maintain consistency. It would help if you believe in your teammates and be focused’.

Earlier, Roxx used to play unofficial scrims and tournaments, mostly organized by Villager esports. They performed well there and finished 9th in PUBG Mobile Club Open, Spring Split 2020, and qualified for the PMPL.

Teams And Achievements

PMPL Champions
Galaxy Racers acquired the lineup after the PMPL Victory

GRX Roxx won several tournaments with the likes of PMPL season 1, Loco Gamer League: PUBGM Monsoon Knockouts, and Crew mania playing for Galaxy Racers. Roxx belongs to Galaxy Racers currently and plays along with some experienced players like Owais. 

His teammates are Owais, Maxkash, MJ, and Ultron. Also, GXR has a coach named Aurum who previously coached Fnatic PUBG Mobile Lineup.

What’s Next?

Recently, Roxx was seen playing in the PMPL Arabia where Galaxy Racers finished 8th in the finals and 12th in the PMPL League stage.

Roxx is expected to continue his career in the new game Battlegrounds Mobile India. Furthermore, he will continue playing for Galaxy Racers and will be featuring in the upcoming tournament BGIS.

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