COD Mobile Patch Notes: Season 6

Head on to this article for the Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes.


COD Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes
COD Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes

COD Mobile Patch Notes: The Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 is about to launch and the new season features various additions being made to the game. Therefore, head on to this article for the complete patch notes and new features in CODM.

Call of Duty Mobile is already one of the most popular games and acquired by lots of players around the globe. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile keeps making additions to the game and adding new features periodically.

As a result, after deriving overwhelming support from the players on season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile. The Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 The Heat is about to launch concluding various new features.

As a result, the new season will bring the following new features to the game.

COD Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes:

The Sixth season of COD Mobile called The Heat goes live on July 29th at 5PM PT and July 30th at UTC. Moreover, the new seasons bring an amount of new Multiplayer maps, Operators, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass, competitive seasons, and more.

Also, the most awaited Zombie mode has finally made a comeback to the game with Undead Siege launching on 31st July. Here’s a brief info about the all new features.

The new season will feature two newly added weapons naming Rytec AMR and MX9 in Call of Duty Mobile. Also, two new maps naming Slums and Stack are going to add to COD Mobile with the new season.

Meanwhile. Slums is a classic and competitive favorite map originally seen in Black Ops II. Whereas, Stack is a near-symmetrical map set in a desert training facility. First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Stack joins the Gunfight map rotation courtesy of Season 6.

Moreover, the most awaited Zombie mode in Call of Duty Mobile finally makes a comeback to the game with season 6. It has regained to COD Mobile with the name Undead Seige where players survive against the zombies over a period of five days and five nights.

Also, many other new events, rewards, skins, and some buffs and nerfs have also been made with the Season 6.

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