Shroud VCT Valorant: Loses In RO64, Teams, Results, Players

Shroud VCT Valorant
Shroud With New Team at VCT

Shroud VCT Valorant: Former CS professional player and famous Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has come out of retirement to compete in the 2nd Challenger of Valorant Champion Tour Stage 3 with his team named What’s going on. Moreover, Shroud retired from CS GO in 2018 and was last seen playing professionally in 2017 and now in Valorant. Shroud team lost against ez5 in the RO64 of VCT.

So, here are all the details regarding Shroud’s new team, results, and what’s next in Valorant?

Shroud To Play Professionally in VCT Valorant: What’s Next?

Shroud VCT Valorant Team What's Going On
Shroud Played in the 2nd Challengers of VCT

The former Cloud 9 Canadian player impressed everyone in his CS days. Furthermore, he was considered one of the best players in the game. Later, he started streaming and proved that not only in CS but is good at every game he plays. Additionally, he left the professional scene to become a full-time streamer.

Since the launch of Valorant, Shroud has liked the game and it is his primary game to stream. Moreover, people urged Shroud often and asked related the Valorant esports scene which is the Champions Tour. Later, he revealed that in the future he might be playing in the Challengers of VCT.

A few weeks back, Shroud confirmed on his stream that he will be playing in the VCT Valorant. Furthermore, he also said that he will be playing just for fun and it is not possible to play seriously like a pro player when you’re a streamer. Shroud and his team competed in the 2nd Challenger of VCT.

Shroud Team

Michale’s team included 4 more players including him. Most of them were his friends from CS days. Shawn BM who is an inactive player for Gen.g esports joined the lineup along with Laski. 

  • Laski
  • Relyks
  • Shawn BM
  • Shroud
  • Timmy

As shroud mentioned that the team will be playing for fun and not for winning the VCT Valorant tournament and named his team What’s going on.

Shroud Team What’s Going On: Results

Shroud Team VCT RO16
Laski and Relyks in Shroud Team

The team was registered in the 2nd challengers where his team faced Damn I love Fwog in the RO128. Furthermore, Shroud’s team thrashed their first opponent and by winning 2-0 and made it into the RO64.

Shroud played KAYO and Sage and took 23 kills combined on both the maps.

The second match of Shroud was against ez5 in the VCT Valorant RO64 where his team was defeated in a 2-0 result. Moreover, he took 22 kills by playing Omen and Viper.

Here are the highlights of the matches.

Shroud Twitch Link

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