Dynamic Shuffle Fortnite: Rarest Icon Series Emote?

Dynamic Shuffle Fortnite
another rare icon emote in Fortnite

Dynamic Shuffle Fortnite: A lot of Icon Series skins, emotes and accessories are in the game. And here we are again with another rare icon series emote. Here, we’ll tell you about the Dynamic Shuffle icon series emote in Fortnite Item Shop.

What is the Dynamic Shuffle Fortnite?

another rare icon
The emote costs 500 V Bucks

The Dynamic Shuffle is an icon series emote. It is a rare emote that is in the current Fortnite Item Shop. Yes, you can buy it today if you want to.

Releasing last year on April 20, the Dynamic Shuffle emote is a really rare emote in Fortnite.  The game introduced it in Chapter 2, Season 2. However, it was last seen in the item shop on July 19th, 2021.

How Much does it Cost And is it Worth it?

Emotes in the Fortnite
Dynamic Shuffle Emote

These rare icon series emote costs 500 V-bucks. Since you couldn’t see the emote very often as well, you’ll find it rare. Even though Fortnite makes it appear in the last year, there were only 6 occurrences overall. This is exactly why we are calling it a rare emote.

Furthermore, the emote is worthwhile not only because it appears so less in the item shop of Fortnite. But also because it is an icon series emote. You’ll see how the emote looks at the end.

What are the Other Emotes in the Fortnite Item Shop today?

In the Fortnite Item Shop today we even have the Wake-up and My World emotes in the icon series.

The Silencer icon series emote comes with the LeBron James bundle in Fortnite. Also, the LeBron James bundle is still available and buyable right now from the Fortnite item shop. You can also watch the Dynamic Shuffle in this video here:

Shaolin sit-up (Uncommon), Sackin’ (Uncommon) are from the daily Fortnite Item shop. Besides this, we also have the Dance therapy (Epic) from Chapter 1 Season 5. And of course the rare icon series Dynamic Shuffle remote in Fortnite.

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