BGMI Launch Party Day 1: Team IND Domination, Overall Standings, Summary

BGMI Launch Party Day 1:
First Tournament by BGMI

BGMI Launch Party Day 1: BGMI was launched earlier on 2nd July for Android users. To promote its launch, Krafton came up with an event named Launch Party. Popular streamers and content creators are invited to this event. There is a total of 18 invited streamers and content creators along with their squads.

The prize pool of this BGMI Launch Party is 6,00,000 INR. BGMI Launch Party was started today that is 8th July and will end on 9th July.

BGMI Launch Party  Day 1: Match 1, Erangel

Team IND Dominates

BGMI Launch Party Day 1
Points Table After MATCH 1

The overall points table after the first match was Team Snax topping the table with 26 points followed by Team Kronten having 25 kills and Team Ronak coming on 3rd position in the overall standings with 13 points.

The first match of Erangel started off greatly. The plane path was from Kameshki to Hospital. The first-ever finish was from MrCyberSquad who killed FEfierce with M416.

Team Sangwan secured 3rd place in the first match securing only 2 finishes. Sangwan and Dark were the only 2 players left in the final circles. The number disadvantage led them to finish at the 3rd spot.

Meanwhile, Team Kronten achieved the highest finishes. They secured 13 finishes in the first match of Erangel. Kroten was the last man standing in the final circle. He tried very hard but can not clutch it 1 vs 4.

Team IND who went to Sosnovka Military Base made brilliant rotations and secured the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. They secured 11 kills in the first match. They were 4 men strong in the final circle. The perfect calls and coordination led them to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the very first match of the BGMI Launch Party.

Match 2, Miramar: Team IND Marks the Consistency

Team Sanx Domination in BGMI
Points Table After Match 2

The overall standings after the second match were not changed a lot for the top 3 positions. Team Snax held their position of first place with a total of 53 points. Team Kronten also stood firm in the second position with a total of 31 points. From 11th to 3rd position, Team Antaryami came a long way. They were in 3rd position on the overall standings with a total of 23 points.

The second match of Launch Party which was played in Miramar was a complete thriller. The plane path was from the South part of the map to Trailer Park. The first blood was been drawn by GESangwan who finished 8bitOMEGA with his M416.

Team Ghatak secured 3rd position in the second match of BGMI Launch Party. They secured 4 finishes. In the last circle, Sensei was the last man standing. He tried to secure kills for his team but ended up dying outside the zone.

Team Antaryami secured 2nd position along with 8 kills. Toxicap and Antaryami were the last 2 players standing in the final circle. Meanwhile, they have climbed from 11th position to 3rd position.

Team IND who secured back-to-back chicken dinners in the very first matches of BGMI Launch Party is on a rampage. They secured Winner Winner Chicken Dinner along with 12 kills. They were all 4 men alive almost till the end. But, Snax was picked up in the second last circle. Although, with the 3 men alive, they secured another Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Match 3, Sanhok: Team IND Scores a Hat-trick

Points Table After Match 3

The overall standings after the third match are pretty much the same. Only the 3rd position is changed after the end of the 3rd match. IND is still on top of the leaderboard with a total of 76 points. Team Kronten is still on second with a total of 36 points. The third position is secured by Team Ronak with a total of 35 points.

The third match of Launch Party which was played in grassy areas of Sanhok was a complete domination by Team IND. The plane path of the first match went from Kampong to Tambang. The first blood came from Delta PG who killed TJxNeyooooo with UMP-45.

Team Ronak ended up coming 3rd in the 3rd match of Sanhok. SaumRaj was the last man alive in the final circle. Team Ronak secured 4 finishes in the 3rd match. Unfortunately, he was outside the zone and Team IND spotted him and shot him down.

Team Clash Universe secured 2nd position in Match 3. They secured a total of 3 kills. Or Vexe was the last man standing for the squad. He tried very hard but was unable to do a 1 vs 4 clutches against team IND.

Team IND takes a hat-trick chicken dinner in the very first tournament of BGMI. They dominated all Erangel and Miramar earlier and now they have dominated Sanhok as well. They had 8 finishes which helped them stay firm at the first position on the leaderboard.

BGMI Launch Party Day 1 Schedule

Match-1: Erangel: 14:30 pm

Match-2: Miramar: 15:30 pm

Match-3: Sanhok: 16:30 pm

Match-4: Pan Fight: 17:00 pm

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