Contra Returns Releasing on July 26

Contra the game which has entertained almost all the 90s kids is once again planning to make a comeback on July 26 as Contra Returns and it’s going to be a nostalgic experience for the gaming enthusiasts who have played the original version.

Contra Returns
Contra Returns

Contra is coming back with a modern twist for mobile platforms. This time, it will be named Contra Returns and will retain the game’s original side-scrolling gameplay. The game is set to release on July 26 for both iOS and Android. Learn more on Tencent Contra Return here.

However, the game will only be available to play in some regions. These include North America, Latin America, and Europe. Pre-registrations for Contra Returns are already live in these regions for both Android and iOS users.

Contra Returns Official Website

Contra Returns will arrive with skills that can be used in 200+ levels. The developers have also included new modes, including One Live Mode, 1v1, and 3v3. It seems to play like a regular side scroller, similar to the original version.

Moreover, the trailer video reveals that the developers have also made some changes with the game’s graphics, but more or less, it looks similar to the original version.

The pixelated graphics will give you a nostalgic feel of the 90s. The company has also announced exclusive rewards for the players who will pre-register the game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Developers of Contra Returns

Timi Studio Group and Konami are the developers of the game. The game studio has also shared a new trailer video with the pre-registrations announcement. The astonishing 1 minute 33 seconds long trailer video gives us a glimpse of the upcoming nostalgic game. The video tease shows the two main characters of Contra Returns, the storyline, and the most important customizable weapons.

The video shows life-like animation at the build-up to the game. However, the gameplay is still like the original Contra, letting players shoot enemies while running to the end of a stage. Each completed level marks progress in the story mode.

What’s New in the Game:

Contra Returns comes with several additions to this classic gameplay.

What's new in tencent Contra Returns
What’s new in the game

While Contra on DOS was limited to the story mode, its mobile version has many other game modes to offer. These include online team play, multiplayer battles, PvP, challenge, and of course, a whole new story mode. The game also introduces new characters. While the original game only had Bill Rizer and Lance Bean.

The mobile version brings six new characters. These are Sheena, Pulse Williams, Snow Bear, Gatelyn, Lucia Zero, and Brad Fang.

Ultimately, several aspects will remind you of the original game. Other than the same gameplay and the two veteran Contra return heroes from Tencent.

Contra Returns will also feature some old weapons, including cannons and throwers, and the game’s signature settings and soundtrack from the original series, this time in HD.

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