BGMI Officially Launched Today

Hurray! BGMI Officially Launched Today in India i.e. 02 July 2021(Fri) 06:30 AM after the complete update and fix lag problems. Right now only available for Android devices.

BGMI Officially Launched Today

BGMI Officially Launched by Krafton: Congratulations, BGMI officially launched today by Krafton. In their recent post on Instagram Krafton said:

Here is BGMI Official Instagram Page

BGMI's Official Instagram Post
BGMI’s Official Instagram Post

“Fasten your seatbelts and get your squads ready, we welcome one and all to the official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA!
â €
đź””Please note that depending on the device environment, the exposure time of the official version in the Play Store may be different.
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Moreover, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans in India who have been waiting for the official launch of Krafton’s BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.
As of July 2, 2021, thanks to your support, Krafton has officially released BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

Notice on the official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

  • Official launch: July 2, 2021(Fri) 06:30 AM
  • OS Requirement: Android (AOS)
  • For early access participants, update your app to the official launch version from Play Store.
  • Please note that your mobile uses mobile data when downloading, so we recommend downloading through Wi-Fi.

Thank you all for spending your precious time with BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. Krafton will do its best to provide you a pleasant gaming experience for BGMI that has officially launched today.

Hence, various in-game events are prepared in celebration of the launch. Join now and redeem before the deadline!

  • The duration of receiving INDIA KA BATTLEGROUNDS Gift & 1M & 5M total download rewards are extended to August 19, 23:59:59(UTC).
  • A Constable Set (PERMANENT), the 10M download reward, you can also claim it after the official opening until August 19, 23:59:59(UTC).
  • Many more events are waiting for you!

See you at the BATTLEGROUNDS!”

BGMI Officially Launched on Play Store:

Ultimately, BGMI is now available for android phones on Play Store.

Here is BGMI on Play Store

Release Date For iOS:

Furthermore, BGMI will also be released for iOS in July, after that you will be able to play it comfortably and its tournaments are also going to start very soon. Although, some teams have already made it straight to start grinding and when it is released on iOS, its users will increase after that. BGMI has officially only launched for Android today.

What are the requirements of this game?

Additionally, we don’t need anything special in this game, still, we will have to require a game.

  • Country – India
  • Mobile – Android for now
  • RAM – 2 GB 
  • Internet Connection – Medium Speed
  • Storage – 2.5GB minimum
  • Processor – medium-end processor
  • Settings- Minimum graphic support

However, after the launch of this game, you should get to see this specification comfortably, and anyway, this game will run on the flame and device too. Finally, BGMI has officially launched today and we hope you gained valuable information from this.

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