How To Surrender Valorant?: A Complete Guide

Here's our guide to How to Surrender in Valorant. You can see what you can do if you want to surrender from any match in Valorant here.

Surrender in Valorant

Sometimes, you may want to surrender in a match as there is no meaning in extending the match. Many players don’t know yet that how to surrender and hence they have to play the whole match even if they don’t want to or there can be many reasons. So here’s a complete guide on how to vote to surrender in a match in Valorant with its rules.

Valorant is a five vs five multiplayer character-based game. Each team can select its agents before the match starts. Each agent has their own unique ability. The game consists of two teams fighting with eachother to win more rounds. The team with 13 round victories wins the match.

Steps on How to Vote to Surrender in Valorant:

There are 4 commands you can use to surrender:

Command-1: /ff

Command-2: /concede

Command-3: /surrender

Command-4: /forfeit

During a game, whenever you want to surrender, type any of these commands in the chatbox. You can open the chatbox using Enter Key.

There is another way for surrendering is that press Escape Key.  Now, at the bottom, you will see the surrender button. This is the easiest way of all.

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How to Surrender in Valorant Actually?

How to surrender in Valorant
Type /ff /forfeit /concede or /surrender

The surrender system is quite complicated. To surrender requires a vote from all 5 team members. Once you click surrender, your teammates will get a poll on the left side of the screen. They can choose from yes or no.

Even if one player disagrees, you can’t surrender the match. You can initiate a vote for surrender only once per half. You can surrender again after the completion of 12 rounds in a match. So this is how to surrender in Valorant within a team.

Note: As soon as you surrender, the score of the game changes. Your wins will be the same but opponents’ wins will be increased and will reach 13. This will lead to some loss of ratings.

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Why Do Players Want To Surrender?

Sometimes, the match becomes pretty much boring. The scores might be 10-1 and it is pretty much difficult to make a comeback in such kinds of games. Hence, to stop wastage of time, players may want to surrender. Moreover, sometimes the map comes repeatedly and it irritates a lot. Many players want to surrender after getting the same map again and again.

This should answer your question about how to surrender in Valorant.

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