FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results: Complete Detail of the Tournament

Here are the complete details about FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Event Fortnite.

FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results

FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results: Bullseye Bonanza is an event under the Fortnite All-Star Showdown Tournament. It is a competitive tournament. However, the FNCS Bullseye Bonanza result depends on the aiming skill of the players. The player with the maximum number of aims is the winner of the Bullseye Bonanza event.

For Bullseye Bonanza players have to play in 1v1 against each other. All the players in this event comprise renowned content creators. They belong to the European region. Moreover, it requires them to hit the aim with different guns to become a winner.

FNCS Bullseye Bonanza: Complete Guide on Prizepool and Format

FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results
Prize Pool

The Format for this event includes one player against the other in 1v1 style. Their main aim is to hit the obstacles. Moreover, they can use different guns to suffice their purpose.

There is a total of eight players. Further, these eight players get distributed in the Upper brackets and lower brackets. In each bracket, there is a match between two players. The winner goes to the next level. Following the same pattern Mitro and Faze Mongraal reached the Grand Finals.

Prize Pool 

The opening match for FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results happened between eight players. From these matches total of eight players landed in the Winner Match 1.

First: $10,000

Second: $7,500

Third: $5,000

Fourth: $2,500

Fifth-Eighth: $1,250

Match Link

FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results: Complete Detail

FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Results
  • Winner Match 1: Motor and HVD Endretta played against each other. However, Mitro is the Winner here.
  • Match 2 Winner: Faze Mongraal defeated Guild Anas in match 2.
  • Winner Match 3: Guild Anas won against Guild Hen
  • Match 4: NVD Endretta defeated Lootboy Queasy44.

Further, Faze Mongraal won the consolation match against NVD Endretta and reached the Finals. Similarly, Mitro joined Faze Mongraal in the Finals.

Who is the Winner of the FNCS Bullseye Bonanza Event?

Fortnite tournament

The grand final match happened between Faze Mongraal and Mitro. Surprisingly, Mitro becomes the winner of the tournament. Moreover, Mitro completed the match within 2:15 minutes.

 Apart from this, there are many more events in Fortnite happening these days. The first one is High Tier with eight players. Also, the Play for Keep and Solo Championship will happen on June 25 and June 26 respectively.

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