FNCS Blueprint Battle Results: All You Need To Know

Missed the match? Here are complete details about the FNCS blueprint battle Fortnite results

FNCS Blueprint Battle Results
FNCS Battle

FNCS Blueprint Battle Results in Fortnite are out now after a great competition between the participants. In FNCS Blueprint Battle participants have to make their way through the edit course in the fastest way possible. The participant who completes the task quickly comes as the winner of the tournament.

There are eight players in all participating in the event. Each player has to fight against the other to win the match. In addition to this, they have to complete the match as fast as possible.

FNCS Blueprint Battle Results Format and Code: complete Detail

FNCS Blueprint Battle Results

There are eight players in all participating in the FNCS Blueprint Battle event Fortnite. The whole event is divided into the upper brackets and the lower brackets. First, all the players will participate in 1v1 style in the upper bracket format.

The players who lose the match will again play in 1v1 in the lower bracket. The participant who completes the match first is the winner. In short, this event possesses double elimination.

During the match, both the players have to break down the walls of the buildings to proceed further. However, they can use any weapon to demolish the walls. Furthermore, the walls become more treacherous with the increasing levels of the matches.

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FNCS Blueprint Battle Results: Everything to Know

There are four opening matches and two elimination matches in the FNCS Blueprint Battle event. Total four players proceeded further to the next level from the above matches.

Winner Matches List

Match 1: Here, a match happened between Gamma Thomashd and Wave Jur3KY. So, Gamma Thomashd landed Winner Match 3.

Match 2: Here, a match happened between Oogway 74 and BL Noahreyli. As a result, BL Noahreyli landed Winner  Match 3.

Match 3: BL Noahreyli won over Gamma Thomashd to reach the Grand Finals.

Elimination Matches List

Match 3:  Wave Jur3KY reached elimination match 5 by defeating Falcon Refsgaurd.

Match 4: Similarly, NRG Benjyfishy reached elimination match 5 by defeating Oogway 74.

Match 5: NRG Benjyfishy defeated Wave Jur3KY. Further, in Consolation Match NRG Benjyfishy won and reached Grand Finals.

Who Won Between BL Noahreyli and NRG Benjyfishy in Grand Finals?

FNCS Winner
Winner of FNCS

Well, in the FNCS blueprint battle between BL Noahreyli and NRG Benjyfishy surprisingly BL Noahreyli is the winner. He completed the match in 3:18 minutes. Moreover, Benjyfishy completed the task within 3:07 minutes. In addition to this, she reached to grand finals from the elimination matches and completely turned the table.

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