New Fortnite Celeste Skin in Item Shop: How to Get it?

Fortnite Celeste Skin
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Fortnite Celeste Skin: The new Fortnite season 7 brings aliens, UFOs, outer-dimensional beings, and now a cosmic set. The item shop introduced the cosmic star set, the ninja outfits coming back, the basketball outfits, and the return of the Marshmello outfit. The item shop also brought a ton of new music emotes with it. The cosmic star set has the New Celeste Skin of Fortnite.

There were somehow leaks of the Celeste Skin before its release. And finally today we saw the release of the skin for the first time in the item shop of Fortnite.

What does the New Celeste Skin in Fortnite come with?

The Cosmic Star set includes The New Celeste Skin, back bling, and the Prisma blade pick-ax.


Fortnite celeste skin
Fortnite Skin

Celeste Skin

The cost of the skin is 1200 V-bucks which is quite sufficient. Also being a rare skin for the fact.

Back Bling


Spectral Star Back Bling

The back bling comes with a star leaving its contrail on the back.

Harvesting tool



A very interesting Prismablade pick-ax

How does the New Fortnite Skin look like?

If you’re wondering about the appearance, the skin is really amazing. She has two buns that have stars revolving around each of them. It might be a bit troublesome when you ADS with it. But regardless the skin is one of its kind. SharkToofs himself has designed the New Celeste Skin for Fortnite.

The Harvesting tool is also a unique one. It has a rainbow color to it. Almost looks like a reverse scythe. The contrail of the Harvesting tool is also amazing. As you walk by, the Prismablade also leaves small stars trailing. The Prismablade is a rare harvesting tool and goes really well with the outfit itself.

Why was the Celeste Skin Released in the Fortnite Season 7?

The first reason is that as the name suggests the Celeste Skin is a ‘Cosmic Star Set’ in Fortnite. And since the beginning of the season as we are already seeing the theme. Finally, we saw aliens, UFOs, outer-dimensional beings (like the crew subscription outfit Mecha Cuddle Master), and whatnot so this skin is not unexpected.

So, surely Fortnite will be looking forward to more such skins and their release in Season 7. The Celeste Skin complements the theme of Season 7 Fortnite. Click here to know more about the Chapter 2 Season 7 from Epic Games.

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