What is Blitz.gg or Blitz App for Valorant?

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For a professional gamer, it is important to improve and know what is going wrong. Blitz.gg is an app for Valorant and other games that gives you all your statistics and information about yourself. Moreover, not just a professional gamer, but if you also want to improve a bit in your game, you should get an app like Blitz.gg to track your gameplay.

What is Blitz.gg for Valorant?

Blitz.gg Valorant
How to download blitz.gg?

Most of you have seen an ad on your youtube saying ‘the headshot percentage of Radiant players and you can track yours‘ and all. The advertisement is for the Blitz app and it says to download to track your records.

Furthermore, the application is good if you want to track your gameplay like headshot percentage, win with agents, and all. Additionally, it also gives the overall statistics of Valorant, for example, in the 3rd Act of Episode 2, what was the percentage of kills with Vandal. These things help a lot if you’re a new player and want to know more about the game.

Blitz.gg also gives you a guide according to your statics. Like, where you have to improve and what is going wrong with you. Basically, it is a perfect platform for all kinds of gamers to improve.

How to Use Blitz App?

Blitz App for Valorant

Blitz.gg is simple to use as you can download it from its official website. Furthermore, the application is free and the file size is around 62.9 Mb. One of the best things about the application is, it shows the performance of all the teams out there for example Sentinels and Fnatic.

To use Blitz App for Valorant, simply sign up and link your Riot Id with the application. Moreover, it will show you all your data, like what is the percentage of wins with this specific agent, which gun gives you the most kills, and many more.

Furthermore, it also works as a guide for every kind of player. So, if you want to track your records, download Blitz.gg for Valorant.

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