Fortnite Lagging Today – How To Fix The Issue?

This article gives you the reasons why Fortnite is Lagging Today. Get ideas on How to Fix the issues as soon as possible.

Fortnite Lagging Today
Fortnite Lagging Today

Fortnite is one of the commonly played games in the world. Recently Fortnite is facing so many problems. According to the users, Fortnite is lagging today due to some technical reasons. So, we will let you know, why is Fortnite lagging today i.e Why is Fortnite so Laggy? The reports suggest the number of reports increased in the last few hours. Let’s know the things in detail.

What Happed to Fortnite Today?

Fortnite Lagging Reports
FORTNITE Lagging Reports by istheservicedown

Fortnite has been facing issues for the last few hours. According to the users, the issues were coming during the evening time in India. The approx time was around 6.30 PM IST. So, Fortnite was lagging today due to some technical reasons. After each hour passed The number of reports increased. Let’s have a look at the stats.

Fortnite Reported Cases Today
Credit : istheservicedown

According to the istheservicedown, the most reported problem was sign-in. Almost 46% of the reports say about the issues in Sign in. 26% of the reports suggest the problem of matchmaking. 12 % of Reports were on online play. The other reports were on glitches and game crashes.

Why Is Fortnite So Laggy?

The users often get frustrated when their favorite game lags. Here it is the same for the Fortnite users. So, Let me tell you why Fortnite Lagging Today. We can see that users are asking Why is Fortnite so laggy?

There are many reasons that can cause the game to lag. If FPS drops or Internet lags for an instance. Sometimes in-game settings might cause Fortnite to lag. If you do any appropriate things in the games or in the settings that may cause Fortnite to lag.

How to Fix the Fornite Lag?

As Fortnite is lagging Today we have prepared a list of fixes that helps you to get rid of lags in Fortnite. As you don’t know the exact reason you can try multiple fixes given below :

  • Firstly, Meet the minimum Hardware Requirements.
  • Download and Install the Latest in-game Patch
  • You can update your GCD i.e. Graphics Card Driver
  • You can also adjust the settings of Graphics.
  • Try to disable the Full-Screen Optimization
  • You can change the Matchmaking region.
  • Try to change the Power Option.
  • Lastly, You can restart the game.

The recent reports told why there was lag. You can try different approaches or wait for few moments to enjoy the usual gameplay.

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