How to Fix Valorant Error Code Van 81 (100% fixed)

Valorant Error Code 81 is an error that occur due to Riot Vanguard. Here is a solution to fix the error.

Valorant Error Code Van 81
Valorant Error Code Van 81

Valorant is a game that is full of error codes and there is more than a hundred reason to crash your game. Error Code Van 81 Valorant is one of them where you try to start your game and a message pops up on your screen saying Valorant has encountered a connection error.

What is Valorant Error Code Van 81?

You are in a mood to play Valorant today and give your best to win games, thinking of flying all over the map with the help of Jett. Now, you open the game, and Valorant says that it has encountered a connection error. As it says, you restart your game, but nothing worked.

Valorant Error Code Van 81 occurs when it fails to connect to the Riot Vanguard installed in your Computer. Therefore, Vanguard is an anti-cheat system that protects the game from cheaters and maintains a healthy environment to play the game.

How to fix Error Code Van 81?

When the Vanguard doesn’t start automatically with the game it gives such remarks as it is important and the game won’t start without it. Moreover, there are mainly two ways which are simple that can fix the error in minutes and you can enjoy the game without a delay. So, let’s have a look.


Valorant Error Code Van 81
Valorant Error Code Van 81
  • Open start and type “MSCONFIG”.
  • Now pen the system configuration,
  • Click on the services tab and located the VGC service.
  • Select the VGC service
  • Check the box of the VGC service if its unchecked,
  • Press “Apply” and then hit “OK”.
  • After you hit “ok” the system will ask you to restart, hit “Restart” and the issue will be solved.

If it doesn’t work there is one more which will fix the error.


  • Type “services.msc”.
  • Locate “VGC Service”.
  • Right-click and select properties.
  • In the startup tab Select “Automatic”.
  • Press “Apply” and hit “OK”.
  • Click on “Start the service” at the left top corner.
  • Close the task manager.

Hence, these two methods will surely fix error 81 which is interrupting you to enjoy the game. Well, if it still doesn’t work there is the last option that will work in every situation.

Re-install the Riot VANGUARD

Maybe there are some issues with the Vanguard that is why you cannot fix the error after applying the methods mentioned above. Therefore, now the final solution is to uninstall the Vanguard. Go to Windows Setting>> Apps>> Vanguard and uninstall it.

Open the game now and it will start downloading the Riot Vanguard automatically. After the download is complete it will ask you to restart. Restart your PC and enjoy the game.

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