Friend List Not Working in Valorant: How to Fix the Error

Having trouble finding your friends in Valorant? Don't worry, here is how to fix the friend list not working error in Valorant.


Valorant Friend List not working
A Similar Error to this one

How to Fix the Friend List error in Valorant: Valorant is one of the most famous games to play with friends these days. Moreover, the players have to go through bugs at a regular interval of time and this time, one more has arrived. Furthermore, this error says ‘Friend list not working’ in Valorant and it prevents you to access or see the list of your friends.

Why the Error: Friend List Not Working in Valorant?

Friend List not working in Valorant
Valorant Loading Page

Riot’s new 5vs5 fps game has been on the hotlist since launching. However, there are still many bugs and errors in the game, and most of them will prevent you from opening the game or launching the game client.

Moreover, the most recent bug is that players are having issues with their friend list, or in other words, the friend list is not working in Valorant. Why is it so and how to fix the error in Valorant?

Although the Valorant officials didn’t say anything about the server it is due to the heavy load on the server. Furthermore, it is also possible that the game’s client is not launched successfully.

How to Fix the Valorant Error?

How to Fix the Error in Valorant
Viper Agent in Valorant

One of the users found out the solution of this one and its more simple than we can think. Moreover, the solution to this problem is to launch the game once again or restart the game and be fixed.

Furthermore, there is one step you can add, if it doesn’t work, make sure you leave the game by signing out. Additionally, restart the game and log in again and you’ll see the error is fixed.

If you’re still facing the friend list not working in Valorant error, the last method will 100% work. Furthermore, change the DNS and reinstall the Riot Vanguard. Moreover, you can simply uninstall the Vanguard by this process.

1st Step– Click on the hide button, besides wifi on the right bottom corner of your screen.

2nd Step- Click on the Vanguard Logo and click on more.

3rd Step- Unistall Vanguard.

Furthermore, after uninstalling the game, open the game and it will automatically download the Riot Vanguard. Although, in the morning Valorant also launched a 70MB mini-update which might be related to the friend list not working in Valorant error.


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