Team Zombies Disqualified from PMPL Arabia

A professional player caught hacking in PUBG Mobile. During PMPL Arabia, a whole team was banned because of violating the game rules. Get the full details here.

Team Zombies Disqualified from PMPL Arabia
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Hacking has been always an issue with PUBG Mobile due to which now an esports team Zombies are disqualified from PMPL Arabia. Furthermore, the allegation was on their one player and the rest of the players are being investigated.

In recent years, PUBG Mobile has worked hard on banning hackers, as this is the major concern with the game. Recently, in a post, PUBG confirmed they have banned more than 1 million players because of hacking.

Why Team Zombies Disqualified from PMPL Arabia?

Team Zombies Disqualified from PMPL Arabia
PMPL Arabia Match

This is the debut season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League in the Arabian region. Furthermore, there were Indian teams also involved in the tournament.

Moreover, the controversy started when some of the clips of BREAK went viral. BREAK is one of the star players for Team Zombies and is a very popular player in his region. Furthermore, Team Zombies were too good throughout the tournament and were the table-toppers after three weeks.

However, BREAK clips went into the eyes of officials and after further investigation, he was found guilty. As a result, he might get a permanent ban in the game and his Team Zombies are disqualified for.


Now, the table-toppers are banned and the second-placed team Gunz esports will climb on top. Furthermore, the players of Team Zombies are being investigated as the team’s future remains in suspense.

Galaxy Racers, a team from India is currently 13th in the table after 3 weeks of the game and it seems clear that they will make it into the final.

Full standings here

As this was the debut season for the Arabian region, the issue is serious to make a bad reputation for the region. Moreover, BREAK might get a permanent ban, but his team Zombies is disqualified from PMPL Arabia.

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