Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37

The update comes up with an event called the 80s Action Heroes event starting May 20th. Get all the information about the update in brief.

Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37
Call of Duty Black Warzone ’80s Action Hero Event.

This Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37 marks the beginning of the 80’s Action Heroes event, bringing John Rambo and John McClane into the game. Furthermore, update 1.37 has arrived for Call of Duty: Warzone, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

What’s New in Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37?

Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37
Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37

In the Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Note 1.37 a new limited-time mode, Power Grab, is being added. Moreover, in a power grab, you must eliminate other Operators, complete Contracts. And loot Supply Boxes around Verdansk to find Dog Tags. Additionally, you’ll have to use everything you’ve got to control the flag that spawns during the final circle – calling in an Exfil Helicopter.

Moreover, there are some huge changes regarding the gun mechanism in the game. The biggest change is that suppressors, as these will no longer affect the bullet velocity. Moreover, they will increase ADS speed and sprit-to-fire speed.

Here, is a list of the updates.


  • New Point of Interest: Nakatomi Plaza (Launch)
    • The headquarters of the Nakatomi Corporation have moved from sunny Los Angeles to Verdansk’s Downtown for a limited time.
  • New Point of Interest: Survival Camps (Launch)
    • Around Verdansk, numerous campsites have been converted into Survival Camps.
    • New Point of Interest: CIA Outpost (Launch)
    • One of the aircraft hangars in Verdansk’s northwest sector has been converted into a makeshift CIA Outpost.


  • Additionally, the new Combat Bow Killstreak to the following Verdansk modes: core BR, Plunder, and Power Grab.
  • Stopping Power Field Upgrade spawn rates have been reduced substantially across all modes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed additional map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas. This is on top of the locations that we addressed in the last 2 patches.
  • An issue that caused the Gas Mask to become unbreakable after a players’ first death with the Gas Mask equipped is fixed.
  • A bug that caused player Activision IDs to not always appear in the killcam or when spectating with or without the Option enabled is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Scavenger Challenges weren’t correctly referencing the Summit POI.
  • An issue where Loadout Drops would fall through salt pools in the Salt Mines is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Sparks was not visible in the Operator Select Menu until the Sparks Operator Bundle was purchased.
  • Also, a bug with the LW3 – Tundra were firing the final shot in a magazine would displace the Weapon model is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with the Great Pacific Blueprint where its Weapon stats were incorrect.
  •  A bug with the Swiss K31 where it would deal lethal damage in a single upper body shot when loaded with Stopping Power.
  • Also, Fixed a bug with the Bullfrog where it was receiving an unintended amount of Bullet Velocity.
  • A bug with the CARV.2 where some of its barrels were not assigning the correct values.
  • Fixed incorrect magazine names for FARA 83.
  • The Season Three Reloaded update will have a download size of approximately 14.6-18.1 GB for those who own the free-to-play Warzone and are current on the latest updates.

Update 1.37 will become available for download on May 19 at 9 PM PT on most platforms, but PlayStation players are currently able to preload the patch.

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