Valorant player Excali joins forces with Samurai Esports; Team Mahi cautions “Legal action”

Team Mahi accuses Excali of breach of contract


Courtesy: Samurai Esports

Samurai Esports have recently signed popular Valorant player Karan ‘Excali’ Mhaswadkar who hails from Team Mahi. Excali will now serve in the organization’s up-and-coming Valorant roster that comprises players from the disbanded XTZ Esports lineup led by Simar ‘Psy’ Sethi.

The organization lately has been climbing the ladder of the country’s Valorant scene. The roster faced issues with the departure of Tejas ‘Rex’ Kotian. But now that Karan has joined forces with the organization, fans can expect to see the roster put up dominating performances at upcoming leagues and tournaments.

Team Mahi threatens legal action against Excali

Team Mahi statement

Team Mahi has claimed on their social media that Excali is still serving under a contract with the organization. The popular organization has further cautioned “Strict legal Action” coming in the way of Excali. Team Mahi’s statement reads

”We are shocked to see the post from @samuraiesports_in. @im_excali is still under contract with us and this is a clear violation of it. Strict legal action will be taken against him.”

With this, the organization has lost its most aggressive duelist and is now left at the behest of five players. The age of the contract signed between Team Mahi and their star player still remains undisclosed.

Radio Silence prevails as Excali is yet to make a statement

samurai esports

With a lot going around the announcement from Samurai Esports and the caution issued by Team Mahi, Excali has not made even a single statement about his signing.

However, the signing stands to be authentic based on a recent Instagram story posted by Simar who was seen with the latter at the Samurai Esports Bootcamp.

Samurai Esports Valorant roster

Samurai Esports’ Valorant roster now consists of the following players:

  • Simar ‘Psy’ Sethi
  • Karan ‘Excali’ Mhaswadkar
  • Harsh ‘Harsh’ Arora
  • Saaransh ‘Whimp’ Dang
  • Shailesh ‘Blackhawk’ Dalvi

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