PUBG Mobile League Season 2, Organized by Degree23

Degree23 Esports is organizing a PUBG Mobile League Season 2 media partnered by Imbibe Esports. Most importantly, Leagues of Degree23 Season 2 will be housing a prize pool of 50,000 INR and has 1000 slots. Read the article to know about the Rules and Registration details for the tournament.

PUBG Mobile League Season 2 Organized by Degree23
PUBG Mobile League Season 2 Organized by Degree23

Degree23 Esports is a non-profit organization. They provide the greatest platform for underdogs. Most importantly, D23 is hosting PUBG Mobile League Season 2. Certainly, this tournament will feature a prize pool of Rs. 50,000. Read this article to gather exclusive information about Leagues of Degree23 Season 2 media patterned by Imbibe Esports.

However, D23 started their journey from Leagues of Degree23 Season 1. Above all, Season 1 was very successful. Subsequently, it inspired to create more opportunities for underdogs.

Moreover, Degree23 is an organization bringing great opportunities for underdogs. Subsequently, the underdogs can showcase themselves amongst top tier teams in South Asia. In short, D23 will soon make a great revolution in Esports.

Here are Registration Details for PUBG Mobile League Season 2

Season 1 was a great success for the tournament. Therefore, Degree23 is hosting another tournament named ‘Leagues of Degree23’. It will have a prize pool worth 50,000 INR.

Most importantly, Leagues of Degree23 Season 2 will have a total of 1000 slots and teams can register for it for free. This tournament will be Media Partnered by Imbibe Esports.

Here is the Registration Process for PUBG Mobile League Organized by Degree23 

So, Players can register themselves for this tournament via the Degree 23 Esports Discord Server for free.

Further, the registration has already begun for PUBG Mobile League Season 2. Therefore, you need to hurry up and book your slot now!

Discord Link – https://discord.gg/pKNKWYfkMY

  1. Join Degree23 Esports server
  2. Submit 4 Instagram and 4 YouTube screenshots of Degree23 Social handles.
  3. Players will automatically get roles in the server to register.
  4. Register yourself with your team name and you will get a slot list on the server.

Certainly, the reward for League of Degree23 Season 2 which is a total of 50,000 INR will be distributed amongst the teams.

Here are the Rules for the Tournament

Rule-1: No emulators/iPad players allowed.

Rule-2: All the players should have all the maps downloaded.

Rule-3: If any player of the team will be found cheating in any way. Then, their whole team will be banned from the tournament.

Rule-4: The mode of the matches would be Squad and TPP.

Rule-5: The server of all the matches will be Asia.

Rule-6: Players have to follow all registration steps for registering their teams in PUBG Mobile League Season 2.

Here are the socials of Degree23 Esports

  • To join the D23 Discord server, Click here.
  • Follow Degree23 Esports on Instagram, for daily updates.
  • Click here to subscribe to D23 YouTube Channel.

Go fast and grab your slot because Registration has already started on their discord server. Further, you can tag a moderator or an admin for more guidance on their discord server.

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