Free Fire Tri-Series 2021: Day 4, Standings

The fourth day of Free Fire Tri-Series concluded on April 16th 2021 where Team Elite dominated. The teams from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India competed in the six matches to secure the 12 positions in the finals.

Free Fire Tri-Series
Free Fire Tri-Series

The fourth day of the Free Fire Tri-Series concluded yesterday on April 16th, 2021. Certainly, the teams from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India competed in the six matches to secure the 12 positions in the finals.

Consequently, there was a battle between Group A and Group B. Eventually, Team Elite won with 268 points and 131 kills.Β House of Blood took the second position with 184 points and 96 kills. Extreme Ex secured the third spot with 179 points and 64 kills.

This article will provide you with information regarding the overall standings on the fourth day of the championship.

Free Fire Tri-Series Day 4: Summary

Free Fire Tri-Series Teams
Free Fire Tri-Series Teams

Team Elite got 14 frags in the first match on the Bermuda map. However, they were followed by Galaxy Racer who secured the second position with a single kill. Further, the 2 kills secured by Team Hotshot helped them win the third spot in the first match.

Moreover, in the second and third matches on Day 4 of the Free Fire Tri-Series the maps Purgatory and Kalahari were played. Here, Extreme Ex emerged victorious as the table topper with 8 points. However, Sixth Sense upheld the second position to their name by getting 10 kills.

Players had to play the maps Bermuda and PurgatoryΒ on the fourth and fifth matches. But, here TM Swag and Extreme Ex claimed the first and second positions by getting 12 and 10Β kills to their names, respectively.

On the other hand, in the sixth match, Demons Pride claimed Booyah! with 11 frags. Subsequently, B26 Mystics and Team Chaos won second and third positions respectively with 6 kills each.

In short, Team Elite dominated the 4th day. Pahadi won the top spot with 50 kills. Moreover, Iconic and Killer won the third and fourth spots with 32 and 29 kills, respectively.

Kai got the second position with 33 kills. Further, after a great performance, Mr. Jay from Sixth Sense got the fifth spot with 24 frags.

In conclusion, it will be exciting to see which 18 teams will qualify for the Top 12 spots for the championship finals.

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