Free Fire, Chrono vs Misha: Who is Better in Ranked Matches?

The debate on the topic "Free Fire, Chrono vs Misha: Who is better in Ranked Matches?" is a valid one in the most popular mobile battle royal game, Free Fire.

Chrono vs misha
Chrono vs Misha

Chrono vs Misha: Who is better in Ranked Matches?” is an important question that strikes debate, in the most popular battle royal game on mobile platforms named, Free Fire.

The game offers a unique character system that gives a valuable edge to players on the battlefield. There are a total of 37 characters in Free Fire. These characters have a crucial role in influencing the overall gameplay.

Free Fire features a ranked system where players always struggle to enter higher ranks. Therefore, choosing the right character that matches their game-play strategies to help them in ranked matches, is very important. In this article, we will compare two Free Fire characters Chrono and Misha, to know who performs better in ranked matches.

Here are the Abilities of Chrono and Misha



Chrono has an active ability called “Time-Turner”.  This ability generates a force field around the character that blocks up to 600 points of damage from rivals. However, what is more, exciting about Chrono is that he can fire at rivals even while being inside the force field.

In addition to this, the player’s and his teammate’s movement speed gets a boost of 15% and 10%, respectively. Although, the effect of this ability will only persist for 4 seconds. It has a cooldown of 50 seconds. At the max level, movement speed gets boosted by 15% and 10%. The effect remains for 9 seconds and has a cooldown of 40 seconds.



Misha has a passive ability called “Afterburner“. At the initial level, this skill enables her to boost the driving speed by 2%. While in the vehicle, it decreases the damage taken by 5%.

At the max level, this ability enables her to increase the driving speed by 12% and decreases damage by 30%.

Here is the Verdict for Chrono vs Misha

From Misha’s ability, we get to know that her skill is confined to only vehicles. However, vehicles benefit the player when players have to avoid fights, Misha is beneficial in such situations as she helps in decreasing the damage when inside the car.

Evidently, Chrono, is better than Misha in ranked matches because he provides an instant defensive shield. Also, he has the ability to attack enemies while being inside the shield. He has the ability to increase his movement speed and of teammates as well.

Therefore, the debate on Chrono vs Misha has been answered!

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