Don The Disguise And Three Resonant Crystals Challenge: Locations, Bug-Spray

Players can perform both of the ‘dons a disguise' and ‘three resonant crystals' in The Spire.

Disguise and Crystals
Disguise and Crystals

Fortnite’s latest challenge includes to don the disguise and find three resonant crystals. There are some specific locations where these challenges are to perform. Read our article to get an easy guide for locating these places.

In addition to this, we have talked about the solution for the bug. Well, players can use a spray to prevent themselves from eliminations. In this, we will talk about Don The Disguise And Three Resonant Crystals Challenge and about bug spray.

Although the tasks are not much complicated. But still, players are finding it difficult to complete these challenges. Players can perform both of the ‘dons a disguise’ and ‘three resonant crystals’ in The Spire.

Don the Disguise Quest: Location

Don The Disguise Quest : Location
Don The Disguise Quest: Location

The quest to don the disguise is not much difficult if you head in the right direction. So, to get the disguise, first land on The Spire. After this, move towards the southeast of The Spire. Here you get a wooden fence.

Now, you can see a box made up of wood lying on the ground. The disguise also emits some blue-colored radiations. So, players have to work hard to locate it. Just simply click on the input to disguise the don. Moreover, once the disguise is on you can move forward to get the resonant crystals.

The Three Resonant Crystals: Location

Disguise And Crystals Challenge
Disguise And Crystals Challenge

Out of the four crystals present in The Spire, players need to find just three. All the resonating crystals are mainly present in the upper portion of The Spire. If you construct a ramp from the place where you have donned the disguised. You can get the first crystal stuck in the wall.

You can use any tool to get the crystal out of the wall. For the second crystal, move down the stairs. Also, you have to build another passage to get a level up in The Spire. From this, you have to reach a room on the right. Here also the crystal is present in the wall.

To get the third crystal again move down the stairs and you can get the crystal in the wall. Once, you have collected all three resonating crystals the challenge completes. With this, you get 60,000 XP.

Bug-spray to Prevent Eliminations

A lot of players are facing problems in completing the task. They get killed in the middle of the task due to a bug. In such a case, they use the spray on the crystals.

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