Fortnite Season 6: List Of Exotic Weapons With Their Gold Bar Price

List Of Exotic Weapons With Their Gold Bar Price
List Of Exotic Weapons

Season 6 of Fortnite as a whole is proving quite intriguing to players. This because of the addition of Primal weapons, Mechanical weapons, and Exotic weapons. Exotic weapons are very powerful. That is why players love to occupy Exotic weapons to pull off an easy win. Players can buy them with the help of gold bars.

If you want to acquire an Exotic weapon then first you need to find an NPC. After that make sure that you have a sufficient amount of gold bars with you. So, just visit an NPC and you can trade the Exotic weapons with gold bars.

List of Exotic Weapons and Gold Bars Price

Fortnite Season 6 has not got many Exotic weapons. There are in total of four types of Exotic Weapons. All of them have different gold bar prices. In addition to this, before you head to purchase Exotic weapons win some gold bars through old matches. NPC’s are widespread all over the map. You might have to face a little difficulty in locating them. But we have mentioned them along with the gold bar prices in the below-given list.

  • Hop Rock Dualies: You can get this type of Exotic Weapon from Gutbomb present in the Logjam Woodworks. You can buy Hop Rock Dualies at 500 Gold Bars price.
  • Chug Cannon: Players can buy this type of Exotic Weapon from Slurp Jonesy. He is present at the Slurpy Swamp. You can buy Chu Cannon at 600 Gold Bars price.
  • Shadow Tracker Pistol: Exotic Weapon-Shadow Tracker Pistol is present with Power Chord. He is present in Dance Club Cabin. You can buy Shadow Tracker Pistol at 400 Gold bars price.
  • Dub Shotgun: Burnout sells the Dub Shotgun. He is present in the south of Steamy stacks. You can buy Dub Shotgun at 600 Gold Bars price.

At present, Epic Games has provided only four types of Exotic Weapons. But stay tuned as later in the season there might be an addition of a new type of Exotic Weapons.

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Maninder Beniwal
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