Valorant Mobile? Release Date and More

Valorant Mobile
Valorant Mobile

Is Riot Games planning to shift from our computer screens to mobile phones and consoles? As some leaks suggest, Riot Games is planning to bring Valorant Mobile this year.

Valorant in Mobile: Everything we know so far

Last year, Riot Games released a new FPS game, ‘VALORANT’, which earned worldwide fame. Many professional players and streamers shifted to Valorant from other FPS games. In 2020 Riot Games also released the mobile version of their famous MOBA Game. They introduced League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is available for mobile devices. After the League of Legends’ release: Wild Rift, fans are demanding the mobile version of Valorant.

Valorant Mobile Coding and Probable Release Date

While Riot Games has not confirmed about VALORANT Mobile but the leaks have a potential release date already. Several data miners have already found the details of a potential mobile version. They found a mobile port which suggests that the game would be coded for mobile also.  Furthermore, ValorantExpress discovered the mobile port for iPhone X and iPhoneXS. This was hidden in the game file of 1.09 patch notes.

As the leaks suggest iOS devices for now it’s unlikely to happen. Riot Games will not make an iOS exclusive game. As we all know, most people have access to android devices only. Moreover, According to a post of  PlayerIGN, a prominent leaker, VALORANT mobile code name ‘Grain’ will be released in June.

Take this information just as a prediction because Riot Games has not yet released any details about Valorant Mobile. However, if these leaks happen to be true, then we are right around the corner for Riot Games’ official announcement.

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