Which Colour is Legendary in CODM?

Legendary Weapon - CODM
Legendary Weapon – CODM

Call of Duty Mobile, with its diverse gameplay, has always kept us amused. However, it is often confusing as well. Like how to identify legendary weapons in CODM? Having knowledge about specific gun categories is pretty important to accomplish certain challenges in the game. Allow us to guide you through.

Gold is the colour of Legendary Weapons in the game. Guns or items that come with a golden background are categorized as Legendary Weapons. In BR Mode, Legendary Weapons are often available with pre-installed attachments. So, finding a Legendary weapon in BR Mode will definitely provide you with an edge over your opponents.

How to Find Legendary weapons in CODM?

Legendary Weapons are the rarest in the game. It’s not likely to discover golden weaponry lying around everywhere across the map. If you are that unlucky, you may not even manage to find a single Legendary Weapon during an entire match. Although there’s one place where you’ll definitely find Legendary Weapons. Inside the Air Drops.

Weapons in CODM are specified by their rarity. Here’s the full list,

Colour     Category
White Common
Green Uncommon
Blue Rare
Purple Epic
Gold Legendary


Apart from guns, some skins also fall under the Legendary Category. Any item, whether it’s a Melee Weapon or a Charm, if it comes with a golden hue in the background, it certainly is a Legendary item. Outside of BR, players can acquire Legendary Weapons from Lucky Draws as well. Like The New ‘Pestilence Draw’. Spending on this Lucky Draw may grant you the all-new SKS- Particle Splitter Legendary Skin. Additionally, there is a Legendary Charm & a Calling Card up for the grabs with this spin.

Legendary Weapon - CODM
Legendary Weapon – CODM

Mythic Skin: CODM

Recently, the first Mythic Skin was introduced in CODM with the Fennec – Ascended. Legendary Skins used to be the rarest in the game before the introduction of this category. Mythic Skins have a default Red Background. These are purchasable skins that are often introduced in the game by Lucky Draws. Mythic Skins aren’t available in BR Mode as they can only be acquired via purchase.

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