DJ Alok Character in Free Fire: Complete Guide

DJ Alok is the most popular and paid character in Garena Free Fire. This article provides a complete guide to buying this character for free in the game.

DJ Alok Character
DJ Alok Character

DJ Alok is the most popular and paid character in Garena Free Fire. His unique skills and charming looks are very attractive to gamers. DJ Alok’s cool ability โ€œDrop the beatโ€ is quite popular among the mobile community. This exponential ability helps the player to recover health. Moreover, it provides gaming strength and increases the health of the players.

Players can purchase this character for 599 diamonds. This is a very high price for a character in the game. This article provides a complete guide on how to get DJ Alok’s character in Free Fire.

DJ Alok’s ability โ€“ Drop the Beat

DJ Alok’s remarkable ability- Drop the beat creates a 5m aura. This boosts ally movement speedy by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. Using a character level-up card, this ability increases to level 6. At max level, it boosts up ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5HP for 10 seconds

How to get DJ Alok character in Free Fire

Following are the steps which you can follow to get DJ Alok in Free Fire.

Step-1 Open Garena Free Fire lobby.

Step-2 Press the ‘character’ option.

Step-3ย You will locate DJ Alok’s character on the character page and click on that.

Step-4 Now to unlock this character by spending 599 diamonds.

Step-5 You will get the DJ Alok character after you click on this.

How to get DJ Alok Character for Free using Redeem Code Method

DJ Alok is available for 599 diamonds in the marketplace which is not easy for players to buy. Here is one technique to buy this character for free in the game. Using the redeem code will help the players to get it for free. Follow the steps to get it free.

Step-1 Open Free Fire Redeem Codes post and copy the DJ Alok code.

Step-2ย Press here to move to Free Fire Rewards Page.

Step-3 Login to your account on the Free Fire Reward page.

Step-4 Once you log in, you can see the redeem code textbox displays on the screen.

Step-5 Enter the valid code for DJ Alok and click on the Redeem button.

Step-6 Now, you have successfully redeemed the DJ Alok character for free.

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