Nicoo Free Fire: Pros and Cons. Is it Safe to Use?

The complete guide to Nicoo Free Fire.

Nicoo Free Fire:
Nicoo Free Fire:

Free Fire is a free Android application that allows you to unlock all skins and packs for free in the game. As we already know, players can purchase most of these items by investing the real money, I.e. diamonds, the virtual currency in Free Fire. But spending actual cash on such exclusive items is not the choice of every player. So they end up downloading applications that offer skins for free. One such application is Nicoo Free Fire.

Nicoo is a third-party website which allows the player to hack all the skins in Free Fire. Here players will get surprises and gifts for free. They don’t need to spend real money to get diamonds.

Major feature of Nicoo Free Fire

  • Everything is categorized here. This makes it easier to find the stuff and change or modify them.
  • Players can unfasten all the Parachute shoes, stickers and skins.
  • It allows you to change the colours and shape of your weapon.
  • Gives a stylish look for your character with different kinds of hats and Goggles.
  • It has items for both male and female.

How to use Nicoo Free Fire?

Step 1:  Make sure you have downloaded the resources in the game’s download centre.

Step 2: Now download and install the Nicoo app.

3rd Step: Open the app. Press ‘start the game’ to start Free Fire.

Step 4: Select the skin you want to try from the floating window on the side.

Step 5: Enter the battle and you will see the skin.

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Is it safe to use Nicoo Free Fire?

Nicki app is not accessible in official mobile phone stores like google play store. So after installing the APK, your mobile might be at risk. The software that allows unlocking all skins is illegal under Garena rules. It can lead to the suspension of the users’ account.

According to the Garena Free Fire manual and rules-

“Programs or software that attempt to decompile, disassemble or disarm, hack or hack any part of the game’s services and functions, or that attempt to take down or nullify any encrypted technol or any Garena security measure or protocol in relation to the services and/or data transmitted, processed or stored by Garena.”

Disadvantages of Nicoo

  1. This app is not allowed by Garena.
  2. There are chances that players’ account gets banned after installing the app.
  3. Your device may contain viruses and suffer account theft after downloading software outside stores like google play.
  4. Only you can see the skins, and your clothes will still be the one you have in safe for the other players in the match.

So, it’s better not to use this APK for Free Fire as you not only put your phone at risk but also you may get your account banned in the game.

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