Fortnite: Next Big Event like Travis Scott Fortnite, Expected Date Leaked

Next Big Event
Next Big Events like Travis Scott Fortnite

Fortnite fans avidly await next big event and makers never let them down. Fortnite by the Epic Games is one of the widely popular online games. Fortnite is available for all major gaming platforms since 2017.

They always do it big from hosting a concert featuring a gargantuan Travis Scott to the recent battle with Marvel’s Galactus. It has just been two months since gamers defeated the Devourer of Worlds, but the Fortnite fans are eagerly waiting for the event.

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There is still nothing about the upcoming events on the Epic Games website. It seems the makers are still pondering over them. With many patches and new portals appearing in the following month, Fortnite fans can expect a colossal live event.

There isn’t any precise response about when the Fortnite next big event could occur, but Fortnite’s stealthy stronghold area showcases a hint.

Fortnite Next Big Event Is Still A Mystery

As the storm closes in on the enclosed jungle, a distorted voice is heard through the area’s PA system. Though the vote is difficult to decipher, it sounds saying, “The Zero Point exposes in six weeks”. This has thus created anticipation about a massive event that could take place on March 10, 2021.

The Battle Pass is set to end around March 10, 2021. And the anticipated live event would fall in line with Season 5’s Timeline

There is a lot of suspicion about the exact details of the live event currently, but we are sure makers are working on something significant.

Upcoming updates will blow away the clouds of uncertainty. Stay tuned.

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