Fortnite: When will the Predator Skin be in Fortnite

Predator Skin in Fortnite
When will the Predator Skin be in Fortnite?

Epic Games is bringing Predator skin in the form of an exclusive cosmetic. The Predator is actually out in Fortnite- at least the path to obtain it. The skin is unlockable in this season. Players can unlock the Predator skin by completing some specific challenges.

Not all the challenges are accessible now in Fortnite. The challenges are being disclosed gradually. So if the players who have already finished the current set of challenges have to wait until January 20, the rest will come out. This guide will help you to complete the challenges to unlock the Predator skin.

Complete the Challenges to Unlock the Predator Skin

There are four challenges that you have to face to unlock the Predator skin-

  1. Find the Mysterious Pod

Players have to land in Stealthy Stronghold to complete the challenge. Look through the foliage to find the pod.

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  1. Speak to Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy

The second challenge involves talking to Beef Boss, Dummy, and Remedy. Beef Boss can be found near the Durr Burger Restaurant, while the Remedy and Dummy are located near the Pleasant Park in Fortnite.

  1. Collect Legendary Weapons or rarer

This is one of the most straightforward challenges. The weapons can be retrieved from NPCs in exchange for gold. So players need to go to the NPCs to buy the Legendary Weapons.

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  1. Collect three medkits

Open up the treasure chest or stumble across them on the map to collect the medkits. This task shouldn’t be challenging.

After completing these four tasks, players will get a new Predator themed spray, an aiming reticle, and a game banner. These four challenges will also open the path for the final batch of challenges. Combining these two will allow the players to unlock the Predator skin in the game.

We recommend you complete the current tasks as this will provide you with a nice head start and help you grab the skin before it disappears at the end of the season.

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