Check Out the All New Fortnite 15.20 Patch Notes

Fortnite 15.20 patch notes
Fortnite 15.20 patch notes

Epic Games is all set to launch Fortnite 15.20 Patch Notes for season 5 this week with a “ bounty hunter” theme which you can download on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android. Fortnite update 15.20 is released for UK residents on January 13, 2021. One of the tweets of Epic Games reads as “Battle up close and personal in our new update.

“v15.20 is scheduled for release on January 13. Downtime for the update will begin at approx. 4 AM ET (09:00 UTC).” The above tweet clearly depicts that a new range of weapons is all set to get introduced in the new update.

According to the leaks, there will be a new Run Gun which will help the players to run very fast and knock down the competitors once equipped with it. The new update 15.20 will also have new Hunter Skin along with Predators.

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Available Data Related to the Fortnite15.20 Patch Notes

The new update will have a new Exotic weapon named Hop Rock Dualies. According to the leaks, it will have two pistols making it completely suitable for the gunslinger. It has also the abilities with which players can dance and hop around the opponents and beat them down in quite an amusing way.

Prices are also cut down but only for a specific period. Players can visit the characters with the help of gold bars at that too at discounted rates.

Addition of Lever Action to the update 15.20

Fortnite 15.20 patch notes
Fortnite 15.20 patch notes

There is a brand-new Lever Action Shotgun equipped with tremendous power. It has the ability to knock down the enemies with a single shot only. Fortnite bug fixes in the 15.20 update are all set to amuse the players after the fixing of a lot of bugs for both battle royale, Save the World, and mobile versions as well.

Bug Fixes in the Fortnite 15.20 Patch Notes:

  • General Sound effect audio delay.
  • Flip Rest Lobby Track was inadvertently taken off from players’ Lockers.
  • Multipoint Edge Glider deforming midair.
  • Michonne Outfit visual issues with cape Back Blings.

Battle Royale

  • Game freezing when reaching the Complete tab on PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Sand Tunnelling temporarily disabled.
  • Total Bars appearing as “0” in a match.
  • Hypernova Outfit appearing as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in-match.
  • Rebooted players may see an already completed Bounty.

Save the World

  • Quest progress not instantly updating in the HUD and Quest Log.
  • Broken Pickaxe animations.

Mobile Top Issues

  • Voice chat issues on Android.
  • The player loses all movement and motion after jumping through Zero Point.

Fortnite early Patch Notes in v15.20

There are changes in the Pre-edit Option too. ‘Disable Pre-Edits On’ enables the editing of player built structure until they are placed properly.

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