FAU-G: A Brief Introduction About the Game; Release Date, Features, and More

FAU-G is a game developed by nCore Games

Akshay Kumar announced a new game FAU-G on his twitter handle along with @nCoreGames. The Indian actor tweeted about the game on September 4, 2020, which has created a lot of buzz in the country. The PUBG Ban is an opportunity that is being utilized by many Indian developers.

After banning PUBG Mobile in India, there have been emerging developers working on replacing the game. One such developer is nCore Games, who announced about their new game. The game’s name has been out, FAU-G which stands for Fearless And United Guards.

FAU-G: Release Date Announcement of FAU-G

This game is still being developed under the skillful mentorship of Akshay Kumar, Vishal Gondal said. He also informed that it was Akshay who brought up the idea of a new game. The 44-year-old nCore Games founder also told that the PUBG Mobile ban and the announcement of FAU-G were totally coincidental, they had been working on the game since May 2020. The game will be released at the end of October 2020.

Other Benefits Of FAU-G

The Indian actor, Akshay Kumar also enlightened that 20% of the total revenues of the game will be donated to @BharatKeVeer trust which is to benefit the soldiers who serve for India. He also said that the game was meant not just for entertainment but also has a purpose of telling people about the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Poster Controversy Of FAU-G Game

Vishal Gondal, Co-Founder of nCore Games

The first level of the game will start with ‘Galway Valley’. Everyone seems to have high hopes from the new action game. The poster of the game has been out now, which is said to be a copy. This news has been denied by the founder of nCore Games and he notified on a tweet, “We have officially bought the license to use the image from Shutter Stock.” He added that this is just a teaser of the game and the official game Title screen will be released soon.

Vishal Gondal, Co-Founder of nCore Games, stated,

โ€œThe name of the game is attributed to Akshay Kumar and he was the one who came up with the association of Bharat Ke Veer. The game (Fau-G) is not trying to copy or mimic PUBG.โ€

As the game is still under the process of making many details have not yet been revealed. Not only it’s makers are proud but also confident to present it to the public.

Let us know your views on the comment section about this action game and keep playing.

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Ishita Sharma
Ishita Sharma
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