PUBG Mobile TDM Matches takes a lot of time for matchmaking nowadays, here’s why

PUBG Mobile is the ongoing most favorite
timepass amid COVID-19 lockdown. The number of users has been increasing at a
rapid rate and a lot of new players are joining the servers. The esports market
has boomed in the last 2-3 months and the PUBG user base has surged to a whole
different level.

PUBG TDM Timeout: All you need to know

The most frustrating thing about these
numbers is the server load. There are a lot of players joining the server,
resulting in Arena Mode matches taking more than usual time to start. The Asia
server is the busiest of all and every matchmaking in Asia Server takes around
2-3 minutes, normally.
However, servers like the Middle East,
South America and Europe are working normally. As per the experts, this sudden
overload in the servers is because of the number of people playing PUBG Mobile
in that particular region. The Asia server is the most populated and occupies
half of the PUBG Mobile user base. Most of the PUBG Mobile players in India
have already reacted to this issue. GTS Prank, famous PUBG Mobile player from India
who mostly plays Bonus Challenges on the Asia Server said:
think this is happening because of the users. The people are free and most of
them are completing the Royale Pass Missions on the Asia Server. The end date
of Royale Pass is approaching, and, I think this might be the reason for TDM
matches to take a lot of time to start.”

This problem might get resolved as soon
as the Season 14 Royale Pass starts. Also, there might be chances that the
officials release any update to this problem. The server’s load can only be
rectified from the backend and a lot of players are looking for a valuable


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