Who is Kyedae, and What is Her Rank in Valorant?

what rank is kyedae valorant
06/11/2022 | Kyedae is a well-known streamer across Twitch and the Valorant community. She is also a content creator for 100 Thieves. | Credits: Reddit

Tenz is one of the finest players in the game but what’s Kyedae’s rank in Valorant? Kyedae is the girlfriend of Tenz who is seen most of the time on the screen along with her boyfriend. She also plays the game and streams on Twitch.

Who is Kyedae?

Kyedae was signed by the very famous 100 Thieves as a content creator. Additionally, she was the first female Valorant streamer and international creator for 100 Thieves. Moreover, Kyedae started playing games to understand the world of Sentinels owning TenZ, her partner. Additionally, Kyedae is also on Youtube and has more than 250k subscribers. She is seen playing sentinels most of the time in-game and it looks like Sage is one of her favorites.

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Kyedae came into the limelight when she was just chatting on stream with Tenz and a message on the chat said: “kiss him”. She refused earlier but later she gave them a little kiss to Tenz on his cheeks. Additionally, one of the famous incidents that Kyedae told was very interesting. Actually, Ten’s dad was very happy when he knew they both are dating. The reason behind this was that his dad thought Tenz is gay.

Who is Tenz?

Tyson ‘Tenz’ Ngo is a former Cloud9 Valorant player, considered one of the best players in the NA region. Currently, he is playing for Sentinels. Moreover, Tenz was the first player to reach Valorant Ranked( Now known as Radiant) in the NA region when the game was in its beta testing. Furthermore, Tenz’s moves with Jett are soothing to watch.

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Kyedae’s Rank in Valorant?

Kyedae is not seen very much flexing her skills like Tenz but, is a good content creator. She is currently ranked Immortal 2 in Valorant. Though, she is not a professional player the rank doesn’t show anything. Moreover, she is a very good entertainer and that is one of the main reasons she is the Content Creator of one of the finest organizations in the world.

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