Where Can You Find Biohazard Container Key on Dead Island 2?

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Biohazard Container Key on Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, zombie fans will be begging for more because it combines horror, dark humor, and outrageous action in a unique way. This story revolves around residents of Southern California becoming living dead due to a deadly virus invading Los Angeles. In order to fight the epidemic, you must determine the cause and who you are since you are infected and yet seem immune to it.

To advance through the video game’s core plot or finish several side tasks, you’ll need to complete some highly enjoyable and often difficult contextual mysteries that are featured in Dead Island 2. You’ll want to obtain them right away, whether it’s via uncovering secret maglock interfaces or using unique keys to open containers that hold unique benefit cards.

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You’ll have to solve one of these puzzles by locating the biohazard container key. The biohazard container key will unlock the secured bio container inhabited in the Beverly Hills mansion.

There are several locked chambers, parking lots, containers as well as safes around the Dead Island 2 environment that hold important supplies, upgrades, and weaponry. It takes Biohazard Container Key on Dead Island 2 to unlock any of these locked items, and keys aren’t always simple to come across.

Location of Biohazard Container Key on Dead Island 2

Hernandez, a common but strong zombie guards the Biohazard Container and walks the sidewalk in front of the residence. Although it’s not hard to find him.

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Hernandez is the most difficult foe, thus you’ll definitely encounter him when you’re still relatively new to levels. If you see a large red skull adjacent to his name, don’t be afraid. He is capable of killing you in a single strike. If you’re at level 10 or higher, you can defeat him faster by inflicting enough damage with frequent assaults.

The situation could become worse by requiring you to engage in combat with SSG. Hernandez and a Crusher. Hernandez simply requires a single shot to kill you, thus it’s important to be well-equipped with the Dodge talent. The Block skill would enable you to paralyze him and launch a barrage of strikes if you’re stronger at deflecting or blocking.

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Pick up the Biohazard Container key after your fight with Hernandez, then use it to enter the house.

In the basement of the villa, there is a red box with the inscription Biohazard. Be careful because the huge Caustic-spewing undead known as Slobbers are everywhere in this area. To obtain the more powerful Acid Rain weapons enhancement blueprinting, unlock the Biohazard container.

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