Where Are All The Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact?

If you want to fish in Genshin Impact and don't know about all the locations you can do it. Here is a guide for all the Fishing Spots/locations in Genshin Impact.

where are all fishing spots in genshin impact

Fishing spots/locations Genshin Impact: Apparently the rise in the fish population was observed across Teyvat. And to take advantage of this situation, players will be able to fish in locations all across the map. Although you can’t just fish anywhere you see water bodies. So, make sure to check out all the locations that we are going to mention here.

How to Unlock And go For Fishing in Genshin Impact?

Fishing is a relatively new feature for you if you’ve unlocked the Serenitea Pot and completed the ‘Exploding Population’ quest. As we mentioned before, you can’t fish anywhere you will see the water bodies. The prime factor being ripples coming from the water. If you see ripples in the water you’re good to go fishing with your Fishing Rod.

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Requirements for Fishing:

fishing rods for fishing

Each region will have a special fishing rod that you need to either buy or get from the game. Now, to get these fishes hooked you’ll also need to craft some bait. And of course, the fishing rods will remain a pre-requisite.

Where Are All the Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact?

You can divide all the Fishing Spots or locations in Genshin Impact broadly into three regions:

  • Monstadt
  • Liyue
  • Inazuma

All of these regions will have Fishing locations spread out across their maps. To be more precise we will also cover the Spots below:


Fishing Spots/Locations in Monstadt
Fishing Spots/Locations in Monstadt
  1. Outside the main bridge of Monstadt on the left of the bridge (Cider Lake)
  2. Far-right of the main town of Monstadt (Cider Lake)
  3. South of Anemo Hypostasis on the North of Monstadt
  4. Inside Stormterror’s Lair (North and South locations)

These are the preferred locations. Apart from these, you can also find them near Dawn Winery, Dragonspine, and Windrise.

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  1. Bishui Plain (Northern and Southern sides as well)
  2. Qiongji Estuary
  3. On the North and South of Minlin
  4. Wangshu Inn
  5. Bishui Plain
  6. Liyue Harbor (Southern side)

Furthermore, Tianqiu valley, Luhua Pool, Mount Aocang, and Mount Hulao are also some locations you can check out.


  1. Ritou Island
  2. South of Amakane Island
  3. North of Nazuchi Beach
  4. Northern Side of Sangonomiya Beach
  5. East Side of Tatarasuna

Koseki village and Suigetsu pool will also have some other locations where you can fish.

These are all the Fishing Spots or Locations for fishing in Genshin Impact. If you can find any more of such locations, please leave them in the comments section down below for everyone to know.

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