What is The Meaning of Diff in Overwatch 2?

If you're new to the game and wondering what diff means in Overwatch, keep on reading to find more about it.

meaning of diff in overwatch 2
8/11/2022 | Support Diff refers to the players with support characters | Credits: ml7 YouTube

Overwatch 2 has sprung into action since day 1. Apart from the whacky start to the game, it still has been better than Overwatch 1. There are some terms in Overwatch 2 that streamers or players use to express like ‘diff’. Let’s discuss what is the meaning of diff in Overwatch 2.

What is The Meaning of Diff in Overwatch 2?

This guide is meant for beginners and only for the introduction of the word to them. We don’t intend to promote the word further. Instead we would very much like it if players stopped using it more frequently. This is just to raise an awareness amongst the players about the real meaning behind the word itself. There are many words that confuse beginners and it is good to spread awareness about them. Another one of these words include Nomad.

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Simply speaking, diff is an abbreviation for difference. Streamers, YouTubers and players use it quite often in different contexts. Difference but between what? Well, they are taking about the difference in skills of a particular player or themselves. Here the skill difference part becomes offensive on its own, even if you don’t want it to be. Imagine being a new player and learning the game right away. You’ll be discouraged by such comments if you had to hear them all the time.

Meaning of Diff in Distinct Contexts in Overwatch 2:

So, when a player says ‘team diff’ (for their own team) they are referring to the skill level of their team to the opponent’s. Imagine that after facing a loss someone would say that your character was useless. It just adds to more of the frustration that the player has from the lost game. When someone says that they won because of ‘Genji Diff’ it means that their Genji was more skillful than the opponent team. Similarly ‘support diff’ and ‘tank diff’ refer to the skills of the tank or support player.

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You can use it differently, appreciating the opponent team as well. This is when you lose a game due to a player’s or team’s skills. Here the tone would not affect anyone and this is more of a sportsmanship behavior. Appreciation is always good and this word should be used more often for that matter. But unfortunately technology isn’t that advanced that it can filter out the contexts of someone speaking in the chat. You wouldn’t know who they’re referring to in the first place since players can switch characters with each other during a game.

Should it be Banned?

If you’ve not figured it by now it is a criticizing word and it’s use should be restricted. Some people also demand to ban the word itself from the chat. Apparently, when you use the word diff you are actually referring to the person playing the character and not the character itself. This makes it more offensive than it should actually be. You’re saying that the skill difference between the two is drastically different. But as we said before the context of the word also matters. So, we don’t think it needs to be banned but used in a better way.

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